Chemical Reaction DAF Device Dissolved Air Flotation Units machinery system price

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Chemical Reaction Device Dissolved Air Floatation machinery DAF




1.Stable treatment effect 

2.High efficient 

3.Small footprint 

4.Low energy consumption 

5.Long life and good quality


1 Small footprint, Low energy consumption; Easy operation; Simple management;

2 Efficient dissolved air; Stable treatment effect ; Full-automatic operation;

3 GFA Type Dissolved Air Systerm is used in this device. It has ingenious structure, and its efficiency of dissolving air is as high as 90%. But its volume is only one-fifth of the other kind of dissolved air system. In addition, it still has the super anti-clogging ability which is incomparable;

4 Release effect and the mean diameter of microbubble is only between 15 to 30 microns. In addition that,this kind of dissolved air releasers also has the self-cleaning ability;

5 This device also applies GLG Type Chained Scum Skimmer, works Smooth and reliably and skims scum efficiently.4_02.jpg6

Chemical Reaction Device Dissolved Air Floatation machinery DAF

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