horse solarium infra lamp (60680323739)

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Product Overview


Solarium for horse with infra lamps.

We house a large ranger of internal stables ranging from temporary stables right through to luxury sweeping stables complete with brass finials. Whatever your budget we have a design that will transform your yard.

* Our most stylish stable design with curved features.
* The main post finished with impressive finials or caps.
* Optional hinged(swing) or sliding doors.
* Q235 steel according to EN standard, stainless steel and aluminum is available.
* Powder coated or HDG in surface treatment (choices of colors).
* Optional hay/grain feeding bowl access door.
* Integrated panel comprising of recycled plastic, hardwoods or heavy duty bamboo.

Adventage for horse health:

Solariums can help improve your horses performance and condition. The
heat energy penetrates the skin into the underlying muscle and helps
stimulate blood circulation, this improves muscle elasticity, therefore
helping recovery from and reduction of injuries.
A pre exercise warm up under the solarium will relax muscles and improve
training performance by increasing blood circulation.
Solariums help your horse to recover quicker after exercise as the
stimulated circulation allows the muscles to absorb blood sugars more
quickly and speeds up the elimination of waste products from them.
Solariums speed up the drying and warming process before and after
exercise or washing down and will add shine to the coat.
Infrared horse solariums are widely acknowledged as highly advantageous to the equestrian world with proven welfare benefits. Our
Reeds horse solarium options provide your horse with the perfect way to warm up, warm down, dry or simply stay warm and
comfortable. A Horse Solarium is a system of multiple large red lamps emitting Infra-Red
(IR) rays.
IR is a form of heat radiation not to be confused with Ultra Violet (UV)
radiation, which provides a source of artificial sunlight for stable kept

*Model: RS-ST15/ RS-Pro 20
*L*W*H 1950x300×300 mm each cell, 3 for ST and 4 for Pro
* 220-240V, 2250W for ST type and 3000W for Pro
* Net Weight 30KGS each cell
* Latest Innovation
* ON/OFF switch box for 4 cell individual
* Philip lamps improted form Poland only.
* Saving more than 70% cost compared with gas heater
* Almost unlimited fields of application :Indoor and outdoor
* 2 Year Warranty (5000Hour for lamp)
* Color is optional (Silver/Black)

Reeds is one of the top supplier for equine products in China
We supply devices to cure top grade Grand Prix horses and supply jumps, horse stable and land leveller to big events in china.

3m, 3.6m, 4m
1.8m, 2.2m, 2.4m
Q235 steel, 304SS
Panel insert
Hardwood, Recycled PVC or WPC, heavy duty bamboo28/30/32mm
Door style
Hinged/swing or sliding
Hot dip galvanization, Powder costing or metal painting(color is selected).
Private club, sports center. Events or fair show.
Fix way
Temporary or Permanent, internal or outdoor
Swing bowl and water feeder optional
Main post
89,104,127mm optional
Bolt or Reeds plug
Sliding door assembly instruction
1, top rail. the rail is connected by part 2 by nut. 2, rail hanger/holder. the holder will lock the rail tightly. one end is connected to the side pole top. second end is connected to left front top. the nut is welded and left in both place. 3, door slide automatic lock, the spring pole will slide into the lock hole and positioned. you just need take the pole out the hole by hand when you want to open the door. 4, slide door bottom positioner. which keep the door in straight line movement. 
  • 5. top door stopper, which keep the door don't move out the rail. it's black rubber parts and keep quiet stop. 6, the hanger roller, made by nylon and be quiet moving. one end is sink into the rail and the other end connected to the hang door by nut.

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