Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine Plastic Pallets Nine Foot Tray Making Machine

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Product Overview


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We are professionally working for the Extrusion Blow Molding Machine in design, manufacturing, exporting and service, owning more than 15 years working experience. Our production line covers single station and double station EBM models of 1L, 2L, 5L, 12L, 20L & 30L, the accumulating EBM models of 30L, 60L, 120L, 250L, 350L & 1000L, also with rich experience for transparent view stripe, multi-layer co-extrusion, multi-cavity high speed machines, servo motor energy saving application, special plastic material processing and abnormal products machines with individualized design and manufacturing.





1. We owns mature technology for view stripe line & 1~3 layers co-extrusion of accum-head manufacturing, to lower your material cost.

2. High hardness bimetallic screw driven by 6 grade extrusion motor, 12 years lifespan for new material & 8 years for recycled material.

3. The whole clamping system can be pushed forward, easy for changing mould. Fixed structure of extrusion unit to insure head positioning.

4. Servo motor system and gear pump are used in optimized hydraulic system, saving your energy consumption also control oil temperature.

5. Integrated machine control with large colorful screen, saving 20 moulds’ formula, 100 point parison thickness control of easy operation.

6. For abnormal shaped products, we can provide individulized blow molding machine, specified program control for your wanted technics.






Machine Model


Max Product Volume

250 L

Target Material


Machine Size

6.8x3.6x5.5 m

Machine Weight

24 Tons

Voltage Suitable

Customer Specified

Screw Diameter

120 mm

L/D Ratio


Barrel Heating Power

32 KW

Extrusion Motor Power

90 KW

Plasticizing Capacity

330 KG

Clamping Unit Structure

Diagonal 2 Tie Bars Central Clamping

Platen Size

1200x1400 mm

Opening Stroke

800~1800 mm

Clamping Force

1200 KN

Max Mould Size

950x1300 mm

Accumu-head Volume

20 L

Max Ejection Weight

15 KG

Max Die Diameter

400 mm

Head Heating Power

32 KW

Total Power

154 KW

Average Energy Consumption

85 KW

Compressed Air Needed

0.8Mpa / 1.6m3

Cooling Water Needed

12.5 m3/H

Loading Reference

40’HQ + 20’GP



















Q: How do I choose the suitable EBM machine model for my target product?

We need to see your product picture, size, net weight and your wanted production capacity. Based on these information, we can help you to select the suitable EBM machine and guide you to arrange a whole producing line.

Q: What else should I have to equip the whole producing line?

Simply speaking you also need moulds and auxiliary machines, including material auto-loader, color mixer, scraps crusher, water chiller and air compressor. Based on your product information or your wanted EBM machine model, we can help you to select the suitable accessories and provide the whole line layout sketch and working flow arrangement according to your workshop.

Q: What’s the purchasing flow to buy your EBM machine?

Analysis to your product sample

Select a suitable EBM machine and confirm the whole project quotation

Confirm the mould design and individualized requirement to machine details

Start manufacturing and report to you progress synchronous

Commissioning and samplesconfirmationàLoading and delivery

Dispatch an engineer for installation and commissioning at your site

One year guarantee

Experience sharing and remote support for all life.

Q: What should I do if something wrong with the machine in production?

Please take photos of the alarm page and reminder page, give us a brief problem report. We will send you a self-checking list to find the problem reason, then give you guidance to solve the problem or provide the spare parts to replace the broken one. 



Thank you & welcome!






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