QQr Universal reprogram TPMS tire pressure OE 315 MHz 433 MHz sensor (60684380130)

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Product Overview


OE Tire Pressure TPMS Replacement Sensor For Cars

Why we need it?

TPMS problems can include any of the following:

• A TPMS sensor that has stopped functioning because the battery has died.

• A TPMS sensor that is working intermittently due to a weak or failing battery.

• The TPMS module is not receiving a signal from one or more sensors because of an antenna or wiring fault.

• The TPMS module itself is not functioning properly or has failed because of a voltage supply, wiring or internal electronics fault.

• The tires were serviced or rotated recently and the relearn procedure  was not done correctly.

• The vehicle owner does not understand how their TPMS system actually works.

 This device and sensors will help us to diagnose, test and maintain the tire healthy. 

Product Description


Universal for most car models and brand, Easy to operate. 

Large capacity lithium battery 

More than 5 years service time

Less than 15s programming time

3 year warranty. 

315MHz wireless signal 


Technical Parameter

Operating temperature -40 ° C~+125 ° C
Relative humidity 45%~95%
Atmospheric pressure 0Kpa~900Kpa
Installation position automobile wheel hub
Storage temperature range -40 ° C ~+125 ° C
Quiescent current 0.3μA≤I≤1.0μA
emission current 1.0mA ≤I≤3.5mA
Operating voltage  2.90V≤U≤3.50V
Emission power 8dBm
Emission frequencyEmission frequency

433.92MHz± 43kHz

Service life

6 years




Frequency deviation ±30kHz
Temperature error -20~70 ° C : ±3 ° C; -40~-20,70~125 :±5
Pressure error 0 ~50 :± 0.07bar; -40~0 , 50~85 :± 0.1bar

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