Fashionable OEM Custom gift Funky crazy party wear rock punk eyewear sun glasses

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Fashionable OEM Custom gift Funky crazy party wear rock punk eyewear sun glasses



Product Description

Name: Steam Punk Goggles
Item No .: G3
Material: ABS
Color: retro red copper / retro brass / bright silver / bright black/pink
Standard: Adult models
Genuine Gothic fashion punk glasses stage performance clothing with party party best style
[Introduction] sunglasses
Sunglasses is a kind of to prevent the sun to stimulate the eye caused by eye damage health care products, with the improvement of people's material and cultural level, sunglasses can also be used as a beauty or personal style of special jewelry.
[Common sense]
Sunglasses wear improper susceptible to eye diseases, cloudy, indoor and other dark cases, there is no need to wear sunglasses. Some people regardless of the occasion, regardless of the strength of the sun, even in the evening, evening and watching movies, television is also wearing sunglasses, which will increase the burden of eye regulation, causing eye muscle tension and fatigue, so that vision loss Vague, severe dizziness and other symptoms will appear. For the development of the visual system is not yet perfect baby, children and so should not wear sunglasses. In addition to glass sunglasses, the other sunglasses lens material wear resistance is not high, the user should always pay attention to the surface of the sunglasses, when the impact of sharpness, should be replaced.



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