Pure-Air Nail Table Dust Collector with double freestanding arm (PA-300TD-IQ)

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Pure-Air Nail Table Dust Collector with double freestanding arm (PA-300TD-IQ)

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PA-300TS-IQ Fume Extractor with 300m3/h air flow and single freestanding arm;

PA-300TD-IQ Fume Extractor with 300m3/h ari flow and double freestanding arm;

 PA-300TS-IQ photos

PA-300TD-IQ photos

 Product Application:

Our PA300TS/ PA300TD fume extractor suitable for air purification, fume filtration and dust collection for many different industry:
1) Soldering Process, like Electronics & PCB board producting;
2) Laser marking metal process;
3) Beauty Salon, Nail Salon, Hair Salon;
4) Lab, University, School;
5) Printing & AD processing
6) Food, Pharmaceutical & Tobacco Manufacturing.  
 Product Feature:
PA-300TS-IQ and PA-300TD-IQ with LCD display and remote control, air flow can be adjustable,it also has warning system to reimind customer to replace filters once they are blocked.With Low noise, bigger suck power, high filtration performance,nice quality, easily move. You will like it's performance.

They are suitable for air purification, dust collection and adsorb smell/fumes for nail salon,beauty salon, eyelash extensions, hair salon, lab, medical laser processing, laser marking metal, soldering,etc.

PA-300TS-IQ with single fume inlet and single freestanding arm, for one workstation;

PA-300TD-IQ with two fume inlet and two freestanding arm, for two workstation.

Both air flow is 300m3/h, air flow can be adjustable during 0m3/h to 300m3/h.

3 layers filtration to ensure filtrate harmful material of the fumes completely,to achieve room air quality standard, protect environment and people's health.

1) 1st layer called Primary filter for remove big particles/smoke/dust.
2) 2nd layer called Medium efficiency F8 class filter to remove smaller particles/smoke/dust. (>=1Mircron).
3) 3rd layer called main filters, Include 1 layer activated carbon filter & 1 layer H13 class HEPA filterto remove small particles, smoke and light smells.

Above Pre-filter, Medium Efficiency Filter & main filter both can replace individually,

extend filter's use life and reduce filter replacement cost.                             _03.jpg
Filter Elements Data
Technical Data
Pre-filter PA300-01
F5 class Primary filter
Cotton filter pad
F8 Filter PA300-02
F8 class medium efficiency filter
Filter can remove 90% of all particles above 1 microns
HEPA Filter PA300-03-1
H13 HEPA filter
Filter can remove 99.997% of all particles above 0.3 microns and 95% down to 0.01 micron.
Gas Filter PA300-03-2 Chemical material Chemical molecular, Oxidant & Active carbon adsorb noxious gas.
Average filtration rate
It will be a little fluctuation according to different materials.
Blower Technical Data
Technical Data
Running period
more than 30,000h
One year guarantee
Max. air flow
Input capacity
200W blower
Low capacity
Filtration Area
High filtration rate
Running sound
Input power
110/220V, 50/60Hz
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