02300742 IT1K01E9000H for HUAWEI E9000

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IT1K01E9000H OSCA-H 12U high-performance integrated chassis module

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02300742 IT1K01E9000H OSCA-H 12U high-performance integrated chassis module
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05330492 BC0LICENSE02 FC Switching-Procro-ISL Trunking License
03021SLP IT1DXCUC CX110, 4 * 10GE + 12 * GE electrical interface (RJ45) exchange module
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41020421 EX86XE109 X86 series-FCLGA2011-2600MHz-0.9V-64bit-95000mW-IvyBridge EP Xeon E5-2650 v2-8Core-IT server-specific
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06200162 N13DDR332 DDR3 RDIMM-32GB-240 PIN-1.5ns-1333000KHz-1.35V-ECC-4 Rank (DDP 1G * 4bit)
02310YHK BC2SSD800G01 800GB-SATA 6Gb / s-2.5 inch-NAND flash-1,200,000-2.5-inch handle
06210193 NS480SATA2 480 GB - SATA 6Gb / s - 2.5 inch - MLC NAND flash - Server usage only - 1,200,000
06010220 ESUPCAP1 LSI Flash Card-2GB; TFM, Supercap and 620mm Cable; USB2.0-English
03021SMF IT1DMGEA0100 MZ110-4 * GE port buckle card, PCIE 2.0 X4
06320053 N0K2GPU08 Video card -GPU card -GRID K2-8GB memory / PCIE 3.0 X16-10DE-11BF-2-225W / dualSlot / PassiveHeatsink (699-52055-0020-000: Airflow exhaust to bracket) - none
02310VEN SFP-RJ45 1000Base-T -SFP Module -RJ45 Electrical Interface - Auto Negotiation - Maximum Transmission 100m, -40 to 85degC
34060494 OMXD30001  -SFP + -850nm-10Gb / s - 7.3dBm - 1dBm - 9.9dBm - LC-MM-0.3km

E9000 chassis with 12U / 16 chip structure, power supply, heat, management, exchange and other redundant modular design, space layout is reasonable, high utilization, can be installed in the standard 19 inches, the depth of 1000mm and above cabinets.

Depending on the power module configured, the chassis can be configured as an AC AC chassis or DC DC chassis, respectively.

E9000 can support operators, enterprise high-end core applications, cloud computing infrastructure, high-performance database, memory computing, enterprise key applications and HPC applications such as the ideal choice.

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