Home Drinking Water Treatment Magnet Super Magnetic Water Conditioner (60689748273)

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Product Overview


Original designs brings you amazing feeling. We have core technology, and the followers only copy the appearance of the  magnetic water softener technology.


Magnetic Water Softening Equipment

Description:  Original Design Wholly Patented magnetic water softener Core technology

Model No.: Y2-M (water softening equipment)

This model assembled with super strong Neodynium magnet, made in aluminium & stainless steel case, very luxury grade.

Use stainless steel hex socket bolt to fix, firm & easy.

8 times size compared with our current Apollo-M model.

12800 gauss magnetic strength

Product Size: 108x88.4x72mm

Suitable for pipe up to Dia60mm (2-1/4")

Net Weight: 1.00kg/set

Fit for laundry room, hotel, commercial centre, bathhouse, agriculture watering and industrial consumption.



Dailymag manufacture and supply super designed magnetic water softener.
Hard water wreaks havoc in pipes and water using appliances. An economical non-chemical way now exists to treat water in your home and get all the benefits and characteristics of soft water. The magnetic water softening equipment are the permanent healthy solution to your hard water problems.


Dailymag is the industry leader of the natural water softeners/ conditioners industry and has helped improve water quality in over 50 countries. Installation is a snap, just simply strap.


Enjoy all the luxurious and healthy benefits of magnetized water in your home by using magnetic water softening equipment:

" Personal Hygiene - Hair feels silkier and more manageable - Skin becomes hydrated, feels softer and less dry

" Laundry

- Requires less detergent and softeners - Laundry becomes brighter, cleaner, softer and without soap residue

" Water Quality - Tastes and smells better - Unpleasant chlorine or sulfur odors are dramatically reduced

" Kitchens and Bathrooms - Magnetizer will dissolve and eliminate scale and reduce acid stains on dishes, fixtures, sinks, tubs and toilets -Your kitchen and bathroom will look brand new.


Bad tasting water will clarify within several days. The green acid stains will take 7-12 weeks, but may initially be scrubbed off and will never appear again. Normally, calcium deposits in spigots, shower heads, and toilets will soften and dissolve in 2-4 weeks. The inside of heavily scaled old plumbing will require additional time to totally dissolve this thick build-up. Since each geographic area has a different mineral composition, each application has different hard water scaling properties.


Model Magnetic Strength Quantity per set Packing Net Weight
XP-1 2000gauss 1 pair Blister 0.06kg
XP-2 2000gauss 2 pairs Blister 0.09kg
SP-2 5200gauss 2 pairs Blister 0.1kg
SP-4 5200gauss 4 pairs Blister 0.2kg
UP-2 6200gauss 2 pairs Blister 0.11kg
UP-4 6200gauss 4 pairs Blister 0.22kg
JP-1 2800gauss 1 pair White box 0.35kg
LP-X 8000gauss 1 pair Colour box 0.15kg
NP-1 6500gauss 1 pair Blister 0.35kg
KP-1 10800gauss 1 pair Colour box 0.5kg
FP-6 3500gauss 1 pc Blister 0.12kg
FP-6S 5000gauss 1 pc Blister 0.25kg
Apollo-M 7500gauss 1 pair Steel box 0.15kg


Besides magnetic water softener,  we supply more relevant service for you.


Magnetic Water Softening Equipment



Magnetic Water Softening Equipment



Magnetic Water Softening Equipment

Magnetic Water Softening Equipment


Magnetic Water Softening Equipment


Magnetic Water Softening Equipment


Why Us?


Superior Quality:

Highly professional Dailymg QC team, high quality raw materials with 100% guarantee, and excellent consistency! Demagnetizing curve optional.


Core Technology:

With an advanced R&D center, top-notch QC team and professional machinists, we surpass competitors for quality, reliablility and design.


Competitive Price & Short Lead Time:

Pricing 5-10% cheaper and lead times 2-5 days shorter than the industry average! Why? Excellent, efficient processes and flexible machine process controls!


24-Hour Service:

We're "on call" around the clock! Contact us any time and we'll reply to your email or fax within12 hours with infomation, assistance, or both.




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