100% new Laptop Screen 14\

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Product Description
100% new Laptop Screen 14" LED HD  With Touch B140XTT01.0
Model No.:B140XTT01.0
Size:14.0 inch lcd monitor








100% New&Original, Grade A+
Surface:Glossy & Matte
Screen Type:TFT-LCD
Status:Real Stock
Quality:100% Tested before shipment
Application:Laptop , other equitment
Packing:Original Factory Sealed Package
Warranty:180 days replacement warranty for DOA
Payment Term:T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal
























Product Image Detail
 B140XTT01 p.jpg
Packing Info
  • Packed by Original Factory Sealed Package



  • Packed by Customized Safe Strong Package


Payment Term

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Shipment Term
  • You could pick up goods from our warehouse
  • If you do not have your own shipper, we could help to ship goods to you. 


  • How to tracking parcel

    Express shipper

    Estimated Time of transport



    3-5 days to your door


    3-5 days to your door


    3-5 days to your door

    TNT3-5 days to your doorwww.tnt.com
    Japan Line

    3-5 days to your door



    3-5 days to your door



    8-30 days to your door



Product Line
  • Laptop LED LCD Screen from 7''- 18.4'' 
  • Macbook & iMac Screen / Assembly
  • Laptop Touch Digitizer / Assembly
  • Laptop Keyboard
  • Laptop Fan 
  • Laptop Hinge 
  • Laptop LCD cable 
  • Laptop Battery / Adaptor / Inverter




Why choose US

Top Quality

  • All screens are New&Original with original factory sealed package

  • Fully Testing make sure every screen you got is work perfec

Fast Delivery & Safe Package

  • 1-3days upon receipt of your payment

  • Original factory package & JE customized safe package -- “0” damage rate for last 7 years.

Rich product experience will be your best backup


Excellent After-sale Service

  • 180 days Warranty
  • Your inquiry will be replied within 1 hours
  • You will be support by Passion & Professinal Sales Team and Sctrict QC Team
About Just eWin


Some of Our stock for Laptop Screen


8.91024*600B089AW01 V0 V2 HSD089IFW1-A00 LP089WS1-TLB1  N089L6-L01 N089L6-L05   A089SW01 V0
10.11024*600LTN101NT02 LTN101NT06-F01 N101L6-L0A  N101LGE-L11 HSD101PFW1 CLAA101NC05 LP101WSA-TLA1
10.1 slim1024*600B101AW06 V.0 LTN101NT05 LTN101NT08 LP101WSB-TLN1 CLAA101NB03 N101BGE-L31  N101L6-L0D 
10.11366*768LTN101AT03  CLAA101WA01A   N101BGE-L21 LP101WH1-TLA1
11.6 normal1366*768LTN116AT01 LTN116AT03 B116XW02 V.2 N116B6-L01 5 CLAA116WA01 LP116WH1-TLA1 
11.6 slim1366*768LP116WH2-TLN1 LP116WH2-TLA1  N116BGE-L11 M116NWR1  NT116WHM-N10 LTN116AT02  LTN116AT04
11.6 slim1366*768N116BGE-L42  N116BGE-L41 B116XTN04  B116XW03 V.0 B116XW03 V.2 B116XW03 V.3  
11.6 slim1366*768N116BGE-EA2   N116BGE-EB1 N116BGE-EB2 B116XTN02.1 NT116WHM-N21 NT116WHM-N11
11.6 slim1366*768N116BGE-EA1 N116BGE-E32  N116BGE-E42  B116XTN01.0
11,6 IPS1366*768N116HSE-EA2 N116HSE-EJ1 N116HSE-EBC N133HSE-EA1
12.11280*800B121EW09 V.1
12.11280*800B121EW09 V2  LTN121AT06  LTN121AT09  LP121WX3-TLA1 LP121WX3-TLA2  N121IB-L06
12.11280*800LTN121AT08   LP121WX3 TPB1  B121EW09 V.4
12.11280*800LTN121AT02 LTN121W1-L03 LP121WX1-TLA2 B121EW03 V.0 LTD121EXVV  LTD121EXEV LTD121EXPK 
12.51366*768LP125WH2-TLB1 LTN125AT01 B125XW01 V0 LP125WH2-SLB1 SLB2 SLB3 
12.51366*768B125XTN01.0  HB125WX1-200  LP125WH2-TPH1 LP125WH2-TPB1 LP125WH2-SPT2
12.51366*768HB125WX1-201   B125XTN02.0
12.51920*1080LP125WF2-SPB1  LP125WF2-SPB2 LTN125HL03
13.33840x2160LP133QD1-SPA1 LP133QD1-SPA3 
13.31366*768LP133WH1-TLA2 A1  LP133WH1-TLD1  LP133WH1-TLB1 N133B6-L01 N133B6-L02 LTN133AT17-T05
13.31366*768N133BGE-LB1   LP133WH2-TLL1   LP133WH2-TLA3  B133XW01 V.2 V.3
13.31366*768LP133WH2-TLM2  B133XW01 v.1 N133BGE-L41  LTN133AT30 LTN133AT27  LTN133AT16
141366*768LP140WH4-TLA1/TLN1  LP140WH1-TLA1  LP140WH1-TLD6 LP140WH1-TLA2 LTN140AT07  LTN140AT26 
141366*768N140BGE-LB2/LB1 LTN140AT27 N140BGE-L33  N140BGE-L31   N140BGE-L32
141366*768LP140WH2-TPT1  N140BGE-EA3/A2  N140BGE-EB3  LTN140AT29   LTN140AT30  LTN140AT31
141600*900B140RW02  N140FGE-L31 LP140WD2-TLB1  TLD2  -TLD4
141600*900N140FGE-EA2  B140RTN03.0  B140RTN02.3 LP140WD2-TPB1 LTN140KT14
141920*1080B140HTN01.1  B140RTN01 V.0 N140HGE-EAA
141920*1080NV140FHM-N41 LP140WF1-SPB1   LP140WF1-SPC1 LP140WF1-SPU1  LP140WF1-SPJ1 N140HCA-EAB 
14.11440x900LTN141BT08 LTN141BT09
14.1 CCFL1280*800LP141WX1 LTN141AT02 N141I1-L02 CLAA141WB02
15.4 CCFL1280*800LP154WX4 LTN154AT07 LTN154X3-L01  LTN154X3-L0B B154EW02 CLAA154WAB05AN CLAA154WB03AN
15.6 CCFL1366*768LP156WH1-TLC2 TLA3  B156XW01   CLAA156WA01A  LTN156AT01   N156B3-L02  N156B3-L01 V.0
15.61366*768LP156WH2-TLA1 LP156WH4-TLA1  TLN1 TLN2   LP156WH4-TLP1 NT156WHM-N50 N156B6-L0B
15.61366*768LP156WHB-TLB1 N156BGE-L42 N156BGE-LB1 N156BGE-L31
15.61366*768LP156WHA-SLA1 LP156WHA-SLA2 LP156WHA-SLL1 LP156WHA-SPA1
15.61366*768N156BGE-EA1 N156BGE-E42 B156XTN04.0 LP156WHB-TPA1
15.61366*768LP156WH4-TPA1 LP156WH4-TPP1 B156XTN02.6 N156BGE-E11 N156BGE-E21 
15.61600*900LP156WD1-TLB1 LP156WD1-TLB2 
15.61920*1080B156HW01 B156HW02 LP156WF1-TLA1  LP156WF1-TLB1
15.61920*1080B156HW03 V.0 N156HGE-LA1 N156HGE-LB1 N156HGE-LG1 B156HTN02.1 B156HTN03.3 
15.61920*1080NV156FHM-N41 B156HAN01.1 B156HAN01.2  LP156WF4-SPA1  LP156WF4-SPB1 LTN156HL01
15.61920*1080B156HTN03.0  B156HAN03.1 B156HTN03.4  B156HTN03.5  N156HGE-EA1 N156HGE-EBB N156HGE-EAL
15.63840x2160LTN156FL02  LTN156FL03 LP156UD1-SPA1 SPB1 SPC1
15.63840x2160LQ156D1JW04 LQ156D1JX01B 
161366*768 LTN160AT01 LTN160AT04
161920*1080LTN160HT01  LTN160HT02 LTN160HT03  LTN160HT04
16.41600*900LP164WD1-TLA1 LQ164D1LD4A LQ164D1LA4B  
16.41920*1080N164HGE-L11 LQ164M1LD4C LQ164M1LA4A 
17.31600*900B173RW01 CLAA173UA01A LTN173KT01 LTN173KT03  N173O6-L01 N173FGE-L23 N173FGE-L13
17.31600*900N173FGE-E23   LP173WD1-TPA1 N173FGE-E21
17.31600*900LTN173KT04  B173RTN02.2 NT173WDM-N21 B173RTN01.0  B173RTN01.1 NT173WDM-N11
17.31920*1080N173HGE-L11 B173HW02 V1  HSD173PUW1  LP173WF1-TLB5   LP173WF1-TLC1 LP173WF1-TLB4 
17.31920*1080N173HGE-E11 N173HGE-E21 B173HTN01.1
17.31920*1080LP173WF4-SPF1  N173HCE-E31  LTN173HL01-201 LP173WF4-SPD1  LTN173HT02-T02
18.41920*1080LTM184HL01 C01  N184HGE-L21
18.41680X945LTN184KT01 T01 LTN184KT02 T01 LTN184KT02-s01 s02 LTN184KT02-A01 LTN184KT02-C01
18.41920*1080LTN184HT01  LTN184HT02 LTN184HT03 LTN184HT04

5.3583 s.