Mushroom Strain Growing Room Air Conditioner Climate Controller (60693597378)

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Mushroom growing room climate control machine air conditioner
In modern mushroom plant, people grow mushroom with climate control system and adjust the temperature, humidity, co2 etc.Different mushroom type request for different growth environment. RIght temperature and humidity will become necessay.
Climate contol unit has overall structure and split in two. In whole mushroom plant, different function space will request for different environment control system. Such as in cooling space, split climate control system is necessary; In cultivation room and growing room, overall structure unit are necessary.
According to cooling source difference, there are water cooling unit and air cooling unit. When choose the right model unit, you should consider your local source condition. Compare to cost, water cooling model is cheaper than wind cooling model.But if your local minimum temperature is less than 0c temperature and you must produce mushroom each day,air cooling model control unit will become necessary.
Same as humidifier, room condition will affect the cooling unit capacity.But except the room size, the compost bag quantity will also affect. So it's better to offer room size and compost bag quantity. We will count out the capacity of cooling unit for you.

Product Parameters

cooling source
control system
work principle
cooling capacity
Climate control unit
water or wind
single unit or cental unit
screw type and turbo type
design according to the grow room

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