Venlo polycarbonate greenhouse uv coating polycarbonate sheet greenhouse plastic sheet greenhouse (60695191801)

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Product Overview


Venlo polycarbonate greenhouse  uv coating polycarbonate sheet greenhouse plastic sheet greenhouse



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Roof type

Arch roof, Venlo roof, Sawtooth    

Span width

6m, 6.2m, 6.4m, 8m, 9.6m, 10.8m, 12m

Gutter height


Top height


Frame material

Hot dip galvanized steel profiles. 

Galvanized with zinc coat 275g/square meter

Cover material

Poly Carbonate sheet    

PC Thickness  



single, double layer, triple layer   

Climate control

Shading, cooling, heating


Roof vent, side vent





Years of experience


Kunyu Greenhouse Engineering Company was started at 2000 in Taiwan. Since then we’ve dedicated 

ourselves to the greenhouse industry. All our team members have been working in greenhouse building 

business for years, and gained real-life know-how by building the greenhouse on sites.

The greenhouses we built have successfully helped many growers to start and expand their horticulture/

agriculture business in more than 20 countries.  



High quality cost-saving design service

Designing a commercial greenhouse requires professional knowledge.


With our years’ experience, we are able to combine the latest technology and Taiwan greenhouse 

experience to the designing of your greenhouse, making sure you’ll have the best suitable 

greenhouse for your growing business. All you have to provide is some local geographic information. 


The greenhouses we designed and built has survived in most severe climate condition. Strong wind? 

Heavy snow? Heavy rain? Island climate with highly corrosive salty air? Desert area with hot and 

dry climate?  No problem, we got it all covered! 


Easy installation design

All the greenhouses we designed are easy & quick to be installed and dismantled. No welding involved, 

all connected by clips and clamps, bolts and screws, slot and springs. Detailed installation manual, with 

clear drawings and descriptions will be provided. If necessary, Kunyu would send technician(s) to your place and provide installation technical support.  Another option is customer send technician(s) to 

Kunyu and we provide the training for all the installation/technical details.


Highly adaptable 

Over the years, we have designed different greenhouses for various purposes: flower growing, 

vegetable / fruits / trees growing, nursery producing, poultry breeding, aquaculture farming and etc. 

Multiple glazing materials options, shading system, ventilation system, heating/cooling system, climate 

control system, irrigation system, lighting system, hydroponics systems, growing benches are all 

available to meet your growing needs. 


Strong manufacturing ability 

With over 3000 square meters owned manufacturing factory, Annual output 500,000 square meters of 

greenhouse assures all the materials for your greenhouse are cost-saving factory price and will be 

delivered in a short lead time. 


Horticulture growing experience 

Since 2000, Kunyu has been growing butterfly orchid flower hydroponically in our 5000-square-meter 

high profile greenhouse with automatic control of temperature, humidity, lighting, ventilation, and 

irrigation system. We know what grower wants to know, what the yield, what the cost is and how to grow it well, we can even help you sell your flowers. 







Q1: What are the different types of glazing for Greenhouse?
A: The most common types of glazing are glass, polycarbonate, and polyethylene films. 
Glass is the longest lasting of the glazing, particularly if the glass is tempered. It is expensive relative to other two. It transmits light very well, but it does not diffuse light very well (may result in shadowing and plant burn if not carefully dealt with). 
Polycarbonate (PC) generally comes in twinwall or even triplewall sheets in thicknesses from 4-16mm. 
PC is easy to cut, and has a high degree of light transmittance and low thermal IR transmittance. Light is diffused with PC. PC lasts 15-20 years. 
Polyethylene (PE) films are relatively inexpensive and are the easiest with which to work. Light is transmitted and diffused well. PE with infrared additives reduces heat loss at night. The lifespan of PE films is generally about 3-5 years. 
Other les commonly used glazings includes acrylic, fiberglass, and PVC. 

Q2: What is shade cloth and do I need it on my greenhouse?
A: If your greenhouse locates in a humid area, misting or fogging may not be enough to cool your greenhouse in those hot, humid summer months. When all else fails you can create your own shade by putting the shade cloth on your greenhouse. 
Shade cloth is usually made of loosely woven or knitted polyester or even aluminum foil. Densities or degrees of shade from appx. 5% to 95% are available for different plant needs. Shade cloth can be installed exterior (on top of) the greenhouse with extra frame structure, or interior the greenhouse by hanging to the greenhouse pillars. Exterior shading is more expensive to build than that of interior, but exterior shading has better shading effect (cooling effect) than the interior shading. 

Q3: What is the fan + evaporated pad cooling system and do I need it on my greenhouse? 
A: Fan and pad systems consist of exhaust fans at one end of the greenhouse and a pump circulating water through and over a porous pad installed at the opposite end of the greenhouse. If all vents and doors are closed when the fans operate, air is pulled through the wetted pads and water evaporates. As each gallon of water is evaporated, 8,100 BTUs of heat energy is absorbed from the air by the water during the change from liquid to vapor. Removing energy from the air lowers the temperature of the air being introduced into the greenhouse.
The air temperature reduces after passing through the pads. As the air moves across the house to the fans, it picks up heat from solar radiation, plants, and soil, and the temperature of air increases gradually. The resulting temperature increases as air moves down the greenhouse & produces a temperature gradient across the length of the greenhouse, with the pad side being coolest and the fan side warmest.

Q4: I don’t have greenhouse experience before, how can I install the 
greenhouse that I buy form Kunyu? 
A: The greenhouse we design are easy & quick to be installed with simple tools: hammer, drill, cutters, wrenches and etc. Detailed installation manual, with clear drawings and descriptions will be provided. If necessary, Kunyu would send technician(s) to your place and provide 
installation technical support. 

Q5: Are there books that can help me get started with the greenhouse growing business? 
A: The “Ball Redbook” provides a good overview on commercial greenhouse crop production.






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