I2C Bus Communication IP 67 Ultrasound sensor MB7040 For Indoor And Outdoor

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Product Overview


I2C Bus Communication IP 67 Ultrasound sensor MB7040 For Indoor And Outdoor



The I2CXL-MaxSonar-WR ultrasonic sensor features an I2C interface. The sensors
have high acoustic power output along with real-time auto calibration for changing
conditions (voltage and acoustic or electrical noise) that ensure users receive the
most reliable (in air) ranging data for every reading taken. The I2CXL-MaxSonar-WR
low power 3V – 5.5V operation provides very short to long-range detection and ranging, in a tiny and compact form factor. The I2CXL-MaxSonar-WR will typically detect objects from 0-cm to 765-cm (3-cm to 625-cm for the WRC) and provide sonar range information from 20-cm out to 765-cm with 1-cm resolution. Objects from 0-cm (3-cm for the WRC) to 20-cm typically range as 20-cm.



• I2C bus communication allows rapid control of multiple sensors with only two wires
• High acoustic power output
• Real-time auto calibration and noise rejection for every ranging cycle
• Calibrated beam patterns
• Continuously variable gain
• Object presence information up to the front face of the sensor (3-cm for
the WRC). Range information starting at min. distance.
• 3V to 5.5V supply with very low average current draw
• Readings can occur up to every 25mS (40Hz rate)3 for up-close objects. 15Hz rate for full range.
• Triggered operation provides a new range reading as desired
• Ultrasonic signal frequency of 42KHz
• Status pin available to determine sensor state
• Power-up address reset pin available
• Physical dimensions match other XL-MaxSonar-WR/WRC products
• -40°C to +65°C operation


Low Power Requirement
• Wide, low supply voltage requirements eases battery powered design
• Low current draw reduces current drain for battery operation
• Fast first reading after power-up eases battery requirements


• Acoustic and electric noise resistance
• Reliable and stable range data
• Low cost
• Quality controlled beam characteristics
• Very low power rangefinder, excellent for multiple sensor or battery based systems
• Ranging is triggered externally
• Fast measurement cycle
• No power up calibration required
• Perfect for when objects may be directly in front of the sensor during power up
• Easy mounting


Applications and Uses
• Multi-sensor arrays
• Proximity zone detection
• People detection
• Robot ranging sensor
• Autonomous navigation
• Educational and hobby robotics
• Environments with acoustic and electrical noise
• Distance measuring
• Long range object detection
• Security systems
• Motion detection
• Collision avoidance
• Bin level measurement


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