The new car sing karaoke vehicle Blue tooth mobile phone wireless microphone KTV live microphone

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Product Overview



Technical connection
Display function:
VOL: microphone volume display, level 0-18 volume adjustment. (the normal use of the ideal effect of regulation of "09" K reference)
ECHO: reverb depth display, level 0-18 depth adjustment. (the normal use of the ideal effect of adjusting "09" K) (Bluetooth) B20 mobile phone Bluetooth connection, you can play music song by mobile phone software:
Bluetooth Icon: the screen icon is bright, the connection is successful, the Bluetooth is broken, the icon is not bright.
When the microphone is switched on, the Bluetooth automatically waits for the pairing state, and the handset turns on the Bluetooth function and chooses "B20" to connect.
When the microphone is switched on 3 minutes later, the Bluetooth is not connected and the Bluetooth will turn off automatically.
If you need to connect Bluetooth, restart the microphone, you can connect pairing.
Bluetooth chip adopts the world famous brand of CSR in the uk.
4.1, the high Bluetooth version, high software compatibility, universal all mobile phones, Bluetooth products, you can connect two mobile phones at the same time, free to play any of the music of a cell phone. More powerful, more convenient. (combined circuit)
The built-in high quality DAC conversion circuit, the signal-to-noise ratio of 95dB, Kalimba DSP data processor embedded with powerful function, can complete a variety of digital voice and music effect, achieve good sound transmission, the transmission speed of 1/1000 very low delay.
FM display: display radio frequency
Adopt full band FM radio frequency: 76MHz-108MHz can be manually adjusted, plus and minus frequency key adjustment. Use the best, minimum interference channel (to tune in nearby or local radio channels).
Microphone display channel, corresponding to any radio equipment or radio channels on the car, you can use.
The distance from the transmitter to the radio is 100 meters. The best use of 20 meters, can be connected with multiple car K.
Product bottom functional parameters and instructions
Microphone switch. (long press 2 seconds to boot, after boot, long press 2 seconds to shut down)
3.5mm audio output and headphone jack. (using data programming conversion technology can be applied to apple and Android audio output)
1 , USB charging jack. DC5V charging, you can choose mobile phone charger, charging treasure, computer USB socket for charging.
2, the first use of charging 3-4 hours.
3, the normal use of 1-2 hours each time you can use 5-8 hours.
4 , the display has power display.
3.5 input jack of auxiliary microphone. Can connect the optional side microphone, a 3.5mm cable can be connected at the same time using K.
3.5mm audio input socket, mobile phone recording jack, with 3.5mm four ring line to connect mobile phone socket, you can record



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