Environmental solid waste recycling plant/City waste garbage sorting machine

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Product Overview


Environmental solid waste recycling plant


 City waste garbage sorting machine


Product Description


Why we sort?


Municipal garbage does harm to environment:
1.It will occupy the earth surface and the valuable land resources and human living space, and seriously affect the agriculture and industry

environment and living environment.
2.It cause environment pollution.
3.It will spreed diseases.
4.As the waste leachate will change soil composition and structure, the harmful waste will affect human health through the food chain.
5.The tiny solid waste will be blown by the heavy wind, and worsen air pollution.
6.Soot pollution.


Why choose us?

1. Company own factory for better quality contro

l2. Original Design Manufacturer for customized service

3. More than 9 years of successful experience in recycling industry

4. Turn-key project and oversea after-sale service


The necessity of garbage sorting

  1. The components of Garbage is complicated, diversification and  regionalization

  2. Garbage is harmful for human health, Long degradation process, will cause hazard: Atmosphere, Source of water, soil;

  3. The waste is a kind of resource     which is generally misplaced, turn the  waste into wealth, increase the  utilization efficiency of the waste.

what are included in this complete line


This whole line mainly to recylce garbage, separate them and crushed,pressed. include


-- -Plate feeder,

---sorting line platform,

---trommel screen,

---bag breaker,

---Eddy current separator,

---winnowing machine,

---concreate shredder

---fully automatic baler etc,.


Carry out the following treatment to the waste after sorting:

1. The plastic bags and some plastic products will be packaged, stored and transported through washing after sorting, which will be used for manufacturing plastic particles and producing plastic products;

2. Classify and store the sorted glass, scrap iron, scrap steel, ring-pull can, etc., and then recycle them.

3. Use the sorted dust, kitchen wastes and some materials which easily get rotten for high temperature synthetic manure fermentation, manufacturing of high quality organic fertilizer and production of fertilizer.
There will be very few residues after the waste sorting, and the subsequent landfill will not take up large space; cause oxidation reaction, or produce the secondary pollution.



Process flow diagram




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