Goldenest Complete Pig Farm Equipment for Pig

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China Supplier Complete Pig Farm Equipment for Sale

For complete pig house farm equipment,our company provide complete farming equipment system for pig as following:

1.Main Feed Filling System
2.Feedling Line System
3.Drinking Line System
4.Pig Stall System
5.Pig Slats Floor System
6.Environment Control System
and so one

1.Main Feed Filling System---Feed Silo

1.Capacity from 2Ton to 22 Ton,satisfy different size pig house.
2.Galvanized weight reach 275g/m2,overrall hot galvanized,anti-corrosion,anti-oxidant,acidoresistance,keep 15 years life outdoor using.
3.Optimized feed convenrsion,keeping feed fresh,reduce feed waste.
4.Patent sealed lid guard,prevent rain and snow flow into the silo.

Capacity  (Ton)Diameter  (m)Height
Legs(pc)Plate Thickness(mm)
Vertebral / Cylindrical
    21.833.641mm / 0.9mm
3.51.834.541mm / 0.9mm
5.51.835.441mm / 0.9mm
82.84.561mm / 0.9mm
102.85.461mm / 0.9mm
122.86.361mm / 0.9mm
152.87.161mm / 0.9mm
153.686.181.2mm / 1.2mm
17.53.686.481.2mm / 1.2mm
223.687.2781.2mm / 1.2mm

 (71) ,,P(1).jpg

2.Pig Feedling System--- AUGER Straight Feeding System&Chain-Disc Cycle Feeding System

1)Auger Straight Feeding System

--Dispenser feeding line for gestation pig
tg.jpg  98.jpg

The sow should be feed-limited around the period of farrowing,the transparent dispenser of this system.can control the amount accurately for each sow,and feed them at the same time.

--Dropper feeding line for fattening pig

                        Single drop system                                   Double drop system

>Large diameter pipe and auger,the length of the feedling line can reach as long as 200m or above,transmission efficiency,1.5T/h.2.5T/h,4T/h,etc available.
>Manuture techonogu,reliable performance,to be used in variety scale of pig houses

Low cost,easy to assemble,easy to ship,low error,but has high request to the section and length of the auger.

2)Chain-Disc Cycle Feeding System

           Chain-disc       Hot galvanized Corner    Feed dispenser
>Uesd for dry power feeding in gestation,nursery,farrowing house.
>Main parts of this system are imported products.
>The end of the chain-disc feed line choose special feeding controller to ensure an accurate feedstuff amount.
>Driving parts made by stainless steel,hign quality motor.

1.Driving system  2.Silo  3.Feed tube  4.Corner  5.Sensor  6. Automatic feed droop system  7.Feed-drop system  8. Metering feed dispenser  9.Electrical control system  10.Dry-wet feeder
3.Pig feeder& Drinker

4.Pig Stall& Pig Slats Floor

5.Environment Control System

Shangdong Goldenest Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is the earliest enterprise with engaged in the design,research and manufacture of the automatic farming equipment for poultry and livestock since 1987.


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