Top Quality Bimetal Welded Wear Plate Mild Steel Plate

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Product Overview


Product Description

Product Description
The surface alloy layer of this product has high hardness and excellent wear-resistant performance.The base metal is a common rolled plate with good toughness and plasticity.The wear-resistant alloy layer and the base metal are metallurgy combined and firmly combined Inservice,wear is resisted by the hiah hardness of the surface allov aver. and the impact of external force is resisted by the strength and toughness of the matrix.

Sheet size: 1400*3000mm, 2100*3000mm etc
Thickness: 3+3mm, 4+4mm, 5+5mm,6+6mm....20+20mm, 40+30mm etc
Hardness: HRC 58-63


Company Information

Company profile

Shenyang Hard Welding Surface Engineering Co. , Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in processing and manufacturing metal matrix hardfacing wear plate and materials. Relying on the domestic institutes, has independently researched and developed the chromium carbide overlay wear plate, which reaches the international level. we can offer system solutions in metallurgy , electric power , cement , mining and other industries.

Our Services

♦Liaoning high-tech enterprise,wear-resistant overlay welding demostration center of MIIT
♦More than 50 national patents including invention patents
♦Well-equipped laboratory with high-end metallographic analysis equipment, spark- optical emission spectrometer.carbon sulfur analyzer,spectro-photometer,grain-abrasion testing machine,rockwel hardness apparatus,impacttesting machine
♦Participate in setting wear-resistant pipe standard for DL/T power industry
♦Member of China Welding Association
♦Industry-university-research cooperation enterprise of Liaoning petrochemical University

Packaging & Shipping

Metallurgical indus

Industry Application: Chutes, fans, weighing hoppers, classifier blades, sliding plate, brake pipes, the blast furnace top
hoppers, pump case, Crusher parts, Cargo tank lining board of truck, coke barrier vehicle base plate, casting basin plate, the blast furnace fan inlet board, slag wear plate, high temperature mineral chute of sintering machine, sintering ore material chute,hot scissors blade.
Widely used in various industries: power industry, steel industry, cement industry, mining industry, construction machinery and ports.
We also customize various specification wear-resistant plate ang wear parts according to customer requirement and drawings.


Q1: Why are there so many cracks?
A1. Due to the cooling rates of dissimilar metals. Our hard facing plate for coal chute liner is manufactured by welding which results in high temperatures. During the cooling, the plate goes through a stress relieving which is a natural process and does not effect the performance of the plate. The stress relief cracks should be between 3/4" - 2" apart. The cracks can be touched up by our chrome carbide welding rod.

Q2: What is the best method of attachment?
A2. hard facing plate for coal chute liner is usually attached by countersunk bolts, welding studs, perimeter welding, or plug welding. Some methods are better suited than others depending on the specific application. For more detail on each method see the installation section.

Q3: Can hard facing plate for coal chute liner be drilled or machined?
A3. hard facing plate for coal chute liner cannot be machined or drilled. It can however be ground. Mild steel inserts are used to create countersunk or counter bored holes. hard facing plate for coal chute liner can be cut using plasma, Grinding wheel saw, or air-arc gouging.

A4.Our product has no limit to quantity, it can be ordered according to customer requirement.

Q5: What’s the service life compare with Hardox series?
A5.Generally speaking, our bimetallic overlay wear plate is 4.5~8 times than Hardox series in service life.

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