New Organic biofertilizer 2 Billion CFU/G Trichoderma harzianum products

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Dora RootGuard is biological fertilizer Trichoderma Harzianum product for protecting a number of crop plants from damage, such as soilborne plant pathogens and plant root diseases.The active ingredient is trichoderma harzianum.

After we used the Dora Rootguard,the active ingredient(trichoderma harzianum) will forms a physical bond with the plants root system,establishing itself in the rhizosphere(root zone) and thereby preventing other pathogens.

This bond and continual growth of the trichoderma harzianum throughout the root system forms a physical barrier to pathogens in soil. 

Trichoderma harzianum also attack/parasitize and otherwise gain nutrition from other fungi. They have evolved numerous mechanisms for both attack of other fungi and for enhancing plant and root growth.


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   Trichoderma Harzianum   2×108CFU/G
   Moisture   ≤15%
   pH   5.0-8.0
1.Grows on roots, guard them against replant diseases and soilborne diseases.
2.Controls diseases caused by Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Fusarium, Thielaviopsis, and Cylindrocladium.
3.Promote the growth of root system , enhance the effect of absorbing nutrients and moisture, increase the yield and quality.

Use as Biofertilizer

Pre-blend Dora RootGuard into your soil mix at the time of planting or drench with Dora RootGuard immediately after planting.
It can be applied by broadcast, hill dressing,drill fertilization,root-irrigation,Turn the soil after watering, keep the soil moist 5 days.
Dosage: 5-10KG/Ha


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