Finger Wire Duct with Cover

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Product Overview


Huihua’s cable protection are applied to protect cables and wires from pressure, corrosion and abrasion, to offer advantage of insulation, neat and keep in order.


The length is cut depending on user’s need


Huihua’s cable protections apply widely from industrial control box, tele-communication cabinets, wire cable arrangement of factory office, and to household.


Product features

1. Strong fingers prevent unwanted breaking.

2. Fingers are easily deflected outward, allowing ready positioning of the wires within the          

    slotted wall duct.

3. Restricted opening design in the finger of the duct helps keep wires in place.

4. Restricted opening prevents unintended removal of wires and permits any individual wire to       be traced without disconnection.




1. Narrow slot/finger design provides greater sidewall rigidity and can be used with a wide range of wire bundle sizes.

2. Certificates:UL:E306674 CE:EN50085 RoHS,REACH.

3. Made of rigid PVC, environmental friendly, lead-free

4. Work temperature:-40 °c to 65 °c

5. UL94 Flammability Rating of V-0, low smoke and halogen, inflaming retarding, insulated

6. Provided with mounting holes

7. Available and other special colors

8. Special design: with score line at the base of trunking, it makes the fingers easy to        

     separate from the trunking no need to use cutter.

9. Special length come with MOQ request


FeaturesAdvantages Benefits
Narrow finger and slot designProvides closer spacing for use withAllows further fanning of wires for neater wire
high-density applicationsmanagement in high-density control panels
Rohs approvedApproved by EU Rohs,Compliant with Eliminates health concerns associated
Enviroment-friendly MaterialUS UL 94V-0,good inflamingwith PVC that contains lead
Smooth rounded edgesExclusive RCCN ® process rounds theProtects hands and wiring/cabling from abrasion Protects hands and 
edges in duct slots and at top of duct fingerswiring/cabling from abrasion
non-slip liner inside duct coversWill not slide easily when installed Cover stays in place during shipment,
on duct basevibration and when in a vertical 
 orientation,eliminating rework
Flush cover designCover sits flush with sidewallCan potentially use a smaller size wiring
Greater capacity thanduct for same number of wires
traditional duct designsProvides a neat and finished appearance
 Slot smoothSmooth adge after punchingNo need to get offer abrasion, save time
V-shaped slot lead-inEasier insertionSpeeds wire installation
V-shape funnels wires into slot for
Restricted slot design with or without the cover being installedEliminates hassle and saves time during
Once inserted wires are installation and maintenance
retained in the slot 
Four different colorsSuitable to different environments usingCan meet different customers'request 
in different project
Approved by many certificatesAmerica UL,Canada CULUS, Can provide related certificates of 
EuropeCE ,ROHS,REACH,the projects or parts need
Flamility and low smoking certificate 

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