Машина для хромирования/машина для обработки поверхности стального листа/гальванизированная машина

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Product Overview


chrome plating machine/Steel Sheet Surface Treatment machine/galvanizing electroplating machine





Product Description of electroplating machine:


1.Before assembly have a long time of test Working time can be adjusted.

2.under human-computer interface control. including fault display and warning device.

3.This Automatic electroplating line is good quality and reasonable price. High efficiency and capacity with easily maintenance.

4.This type of plating line are applied for hardware, stationery material, automobile, motorcycle parts , ASB industry and so on.

5.Applicable for plating simplex product without process change.

6.Electric conductivity equable, plating thickness equable, the horizontal and up/down motion controlled by hydraulic pump, the equipment is stable and silent while operating.

RankItemBarrel Plating Equipment
1Material of tankPP, PVC, Stainless steel
2Material of transporterStainless steel
3Material of frameworkStainless steel
4ModelAutomatic, Semi – automatic
5Control systemPLC
6Heating modelSteam, Hot water
7Surrounding equipmentsRectifiers, Filters, Pipe, Air blower, waste gas treatment system and so on
8AdvantageFlexible design, safe, stable and high strength
9ApplicationDifferent kind of plating for metal and plastic products







Application :


Automatic plating production line is suitable for copper, nickel, chromium, zinc, aluminum oxidation, phosphating, plastic plating and other advanced process requirements






1 input voltage: AC220/380V

2 output DC current: DC0 ~ 10A, 100A...... 10000A optional;

3 output DC voltage: DC ~ 0 ~ 6V,...... 18V optional;

4 voltage accuracy: ≤1%

5 current accuracy: ≤1%

6 efficiency:≥90%

7 temperature: -20℃-45℃

8 working condition: full load for a long time.

9 operating modes: remote voltage, current display

10 panel display: output voltage, current display

Rectifier -6.jpg

Drying machine:


Production capacity: 1000-1500 kg / h

Speed: 1450 rpm

Motor power: 7.5kw 380V four motor

Belt type: B type

Specification: high 1.9m diameter 0.6m



The main filter using PP plastic injection molding, assembling and replacing simple.

The pump seal without magnetic type design, no leakage.

The filter is divided into core type, filter type design, high filtration accuracy

Standard equipment: power switch ON-OFF buckle switch.

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Junan Tongda Electronic Equipment Factory is one of the market leaders in electroplating industry. We have the honor to serve our customers , Our company is specialized in electroplating equipment and have many projects for these electroplating line. Along with the marketing demand and development our company .

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