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What is hydroponic growing system?

Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture, which is the growing of plants in a soil less medium, or an aquatic based environment. Hydroponic growing uses mineral nutrient solutions to feed the plants in water, without soil.
With this system, we are no longer limited by climate or by season in the pursuit of our harmless pleasures. We can now grow virtually any plant at virtually any time of the year – the only limitation is our imagination. The simple, effective hydroponic systems now available, coupled with modern horticultural lighting, have freed us to grow our favourite plants where and when we choose.

Why would you want to start growing with hydroponics?

1Faster Growth! Plants grow faster with hydroponics because it's a more efficient way to grow them. Plants will grow at least 20% faster with hydroponics vs soil.  That's a huge time saver!
2.Bigger Yields! Scientists and experts agree that you can expect at least 20-25% more yields with hydro as compared to growing in soil. That truly adds up!
3.No soil! This can be a benefit because you may live in an area where there is no good soil. Or perhaps you don't have any outside area because you live in an urban area. With a hydro grow you can still grow plants, even if you don't have soil!
4.Space Saving!  Plants don't need to spread their roots out into lots of soil to get the nutrients. This saves a lot of space and this is perfect for urban dwellers who want to grow a lot of plants with little space.
5.Water Saving!  You are using reservoirs that are covered and no water seeps out of the bottom. In total, you can save about 90% of your water by switching to hydro growing.
6.No Weeds! One of the most time-consuming and frustrating activities for many gardeners is cleaning their gardens and pulling out weeds. With hydroponics growing there are no weeds to pull!

7.Less Diseases & Pests!  With hydroponic, you also get rid of a lot of soil-borne diseases and pests that can normally wreak havoc on your plants and make gardening a pain.

What can i plant with hydroponic growing systems?

One of the most common questions for beginner hydroponic gardeners is "What can I grow?" The simple answer is that given the right setup and nutrient balance, you can grow any plant hydroponically. To choose what plants would be best suited for your home system, you should consider the following factors: what kind of system you have or wish to build, how much space you have, how much experience you have, and your personal reasons for choosing hydroponics.

Now it is our work to design and manufacture suitable system for you, you just need to tell us what you are going to plant, how much the space is. We can help with the assemble and daily run of your hydroponic system at the same time.

Types of hydroponic growing systems?

There are many kinds of hydroponic growing systems, mainly Wicks System, Water Culture system, Ebb and Flow System (Flood and Drain), Drip System (recovery or non-recovery) and N.F.T System.

Is it easy to set up my own hydroponic systems?

Yes, it is quite easy to set up a simple hydroponic system in your garden. And if you want to set up a large scale hydroponic growing system in greenhouse or agriculture farm, you need some professional service from agriculture technology enterprise.

We can help you to set up your hydroponic growing system from design, manufacture,assemble to daily run.Do not worry about the daily run, cause it is quite easy to operate the whole system with our help.

What you need is just 

a suitable cooperative partner

Our company

About us-FUMA agriculture technology

Shandong FUMA Agriculture Technology CO., LTD is one of the most famous agriculture technology enterprise in China. A high technology enterprise with a completed team that can provide one-stop service include customized, design manufacture, sales and after-sales service. 

The main business cover greenhouse construction and agricultural facilities, farm design, reconstruction, technology consulting, greenhouse equipment and gardening landscape engineering. The main products of the company are various kinds of greenhouses, and ventilation equipment, cooling and heating equipment, temperature controlling facilities, such as draught fan, cooling pad, hot blast stove,  hot water boiler, finned tube, warm-air unit, electric warm-air blower and ventilation window and so on are all our products too. 

The company is located in Qingzhou City, a fast developing city with a long history and convenient transportation, close to Qingdao port and Tianjin port. The business concept of the company is development based on quality and credit, efficiency based on management, so we pursue products with best performance, the best quality and the best after sales service.

What about our service?

We do not only supply high quality equipments but also high quality service, like design and after-sales service.

1.High quality productions with reasonable price, we refuse low quality productions with low price, that may cause many problems to our customers.

2.Timely delivery. We supply you timely delivery, ensure that you get your goods in time.

3.Professional service. With a whole technology and sales team, we supply professional service for you. First class service from design, manufacture, assemble to after-sales.

4.Direct manufacturer. We are NOT trading company or distributor, all the productions are manufactured in our own workshop.

Packing & Delivery


1.Steel material: Nude packing.
2.Small steel parts: In bag
3.Glass: In iron frame.

4.Motors and electric parts:In carton.


1.All parts are packaged in containers.
2.Port: Qingdao port.
3.Delivery time:Depends on the greenhouse size.
10-60 days after deposite received. 

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