Krom Schroder air ratio regulators gas ratio control GIK 50R02-5

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Krom Schroder air /Gas ratio regulators GIK 50R02-5

The gas/air ratio regulators GIK and GIserve to maintain a constant air-gas ratio and to regulate the gas pressure upstream of gas burners on installations without preheated combustion air.GIK and GI for modulating control, GIK..B with bypass for high/low/off control. Zeropressure regulation with conversion kit.



The gas/air ratio regulator is activated by the pressure of the combustion air line. It regulates the gas outlet pressure in the ratio 1:1 to the air control pressure.The burner capacity is varied with the aid of the air control valve.
Furnace pressure fluctuations have the same effect on gas and air throughput, thus meaning that the gas-air mixture does not change.The low fire rate can be set by adjusting the regulator spring.
In the case of high/low control (GIK..B), the spring should be fully relaxed. The min. flow flows only through the bypass.The setting at high fire is performed via orifices or valves on the burner.


Technical data
Type of gas: Natural gas, town gas, LPG (gaseous), biologically produced methane,GIK..L, GI..L only for air.
Max. inlet pressure: 3 psig (200 mbar).

Combustion air control pressure:0.2 to 48 "WC (0.5 to 120 mbar).
Outlet pressure:0.08 to 47.5 "WC (0.2 to 119 mbar).
Differential pressure between inlet pressure pe and outlet pressure pa: max. 40 "WC(100 mbar).
Transmission ratio: 1:1.
Bypass diameter GIK..B:GIK 15–25: standard 0.06 inch (1.5 mm),possible up to 0.157 inch (4 mm)
GIK 40–50: standard 0.197 inch (5 mm),
possible up to 0.354 inch (9 mm).
Adjusting range at min. flow:-1.2 to +1.2 ”WC (-3 to +3 mbar).

Connection: NPT-thread.
Connection for control line: 1/4 NPT.
Housing: Aluminium.
Diaphragms: Perbunan.
Valve seat: Aluminium.
Valve disc: Plastic.
Valve disc seal: Perbunan.
Bypass screw: Brass.
Ambient temperature:
-4 to +158°F (-20 to +70°C).

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