ZFQZ 315 22 150KW 200HP 220V 480RPM brush brushed dc electric motor (60732143615)

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Product Overview




ZFQZ Series DC Motor

Power: 30kw - 600KW

Voltage: Normal 400V, 440V,660V

Speed: Rated Speed reference

Protection Degree: IP21S

Cooling method: IC06

Insulation Class: F

Duty: S1

Package: Export Wooden Package

Payment: 30% in advance, balance by T/T or L/C at sight

ZFQZ-315-22, 150KW, 220V, 480r/min, IC06, IP21S, F Insulation

Product Description

ZFQZ series DC motors are developed on the basis of Z4 series and ZZJ-800 series dc motor. The rotating inertia of the motor is 45% and 65% of the motors of series ZZJ-800 and ZZJ-900 respectively. The motors are suitable for direct and reversal rotation and start and stop in high frequency in a bad working circumstance. The motors are good-overloading. The maximum rotating moment and the starting moment are 112% and 117% of the moments of series ZZJ-800 motors. Respectively, the weight of the motor is just 65% of the series of ZZJ-800 dc motors. The class of the motor power is in accordance with the international standard, except for the axial distance between the mounting holes(dimension B). The mounting dimension of the motors with bottom plates is able to be in compliance with the dimension of series ZZJ-800 and ZZJ-900 series dc motor. Also, the shaft extension dimension of the motors can be customized into the corresponding dimension of series ZZJ-800 motors after discussion with customers. Therefore, ZFQZ series DC motor can instead for ZZJ-800 series motor.

Electrical Performance

1. There are 2 kinds of rated voltage of motors: 220V & 440V. As customer's requirement, the motors with other voltage can be produced.

2. The mode of excitation of motors is separate excitation. The standard excitation voltage is 180V. As customer's requirement, the motors with other voltage can be produced.

3. The motors running at basic speed can reach Max rotating moment regulated in the technical data  

4. For the motors of rated voltage 220V, the rotating speed can reach as 2 times as the rated rotating speed through increasing the applied voltage. At this time, the allowable max. Rotating moment is as 1.8 times as the rated rotating moment.

5. For the motors of rated voltage 220V, the max. Rotating moment is as 0.6 times as the rated rotating moment when the motors are running with low-intensity magnetic rotation regulated in the technical data table.

6. The electric current changing rate of the motors can reach as 200-250 times as the rated electric current changing rate.

7. The standard position of wire outlet box of the motors is on the right of the machine baseplate seen from the drive end. If required, it can be mounted on the left of the machine baseplate. If so, this requirement should be stated in the order.


Meaning of Type



1. The motor baseplate is of octagon laminated thin steel plate structure. Therefore, it has many advantage such as high utilization of stator room., tight inner structure, small rotating inertia, slight weight and suitability for supplying electricity by controllable silicon.


2. All the motors have compensating winding, which make motor have a good ability of commutation and overload.

3. The insulation level of motor is F class. The insulation of motors is handled by VPI. The winding has a good insulation and mechanical intensity.

4. The commutator segment is of vertical plate and integral structure. The connection with the vertical plate and armature coil adopts TIG.

5. The armature core is of skewed slot structure, which is able to decrease vibration and noise.

6. The motors are of rolling bearing and oil filling without stopping motors structure.


The motor adopt continuous working system. Other working systems can convert the data in the technical data table according to: Table 1.

          Working System                          Overload Increasing            

                S2-30min                                            107%                        

                S2-60min                                            100%                        

                 S3-40%                                              120%                        

                 S3-60%                                              110%                        

Table 2
All the cooling modes of the motors are of separately-cooling and forced ventilation type. It means the motors are equipped with radial ride type air blower, duct ventilation cooler or air/water cooler. The corresponding relations between the protection level and the cooling mode are shown in Table 2. The ventilation quantity, ventilation pressure and the air blower power of the cooler are shown in Table 3. The recycling air blower power and cooling water discharge of the air/water cooler are shown in Table 4.  

Radial Ride Type Air Blower Cooling            Protection Class            Cooling           

       Radial blower cooling riding                             IP21S                       IC06              

                Single tube wind                                        IP23S                       IC17              

                       Dual Air                                                 IP44                        IC37              

             With air/water cooler                                     IP44                     ICW86W          
Table 3

    Frame     Wind (m³/h)     HIP (Pa)     Motor Power (kw)     Weight (kg)    

 ZFQZ-250       3000             1400                    3.0                           70           

 ZFQZ-280       4000             1600                    4.0                           80           

 ZFQZ-315       4860             1600                    5.5                           90           

 ZFQZ-355       5200             1600                    5.5                          120          

 ZFQZ-400       7200             1800                    5.5                          180          

 ZFQZ-450       9000             1800                    7.5                          250          

Table 4Note: the fan motor is 380V three-phase secondary

     Cooler Type     Fan motor (kw)     Cooling water flow  (m³/h)    Weight (kg)    

       KSL-250               4.0                                     11                                400          

       KSL-280               5.5                                     12                                500          

       KSL-315               5.5                                     13                                600          

       KSL-355               7.5                                     15                                750          

       KSL-400               7.5                                     18                                850          

       KSL-450               11                                     19.5                              950          

Order Notice

According to customer's requirement, thsi series dc motor can be supplied together with techo generator, overspeed protective device, heater, temperature detecting and limiting elements, etc.

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