190x190 см прямоугольная энергосберегающая солнечная плита с частичным фокусом 3500 Вт (60732479356)

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Product Overview







190x190cm Rectangular Partial focus 3500W energy-saving solar cooker


Product Features


We use steel plate stamping process to create a reflector, which is hand-made with magnesite composite circular solar stove is completely different quality.


Square solar stove spot diameter of 8-12cm, was obviously circular or oval, the reflected sunlight are shined in the pot bottom range, the light energy conversion rate is very high.


In the summer at noon, circular solar cookers spot diameter often less than 4cm, so easily lead to high local temperatures and burn the bottom of the pot. Sometimes the spot is triangular, the irradiation area is too large beyond the bottom of the pot, resulting in a part of the heat loss, thereby reducing the conversion rate of light energy.




1. Solar cooker spot focus

2. High light conversion rate of heat.

3 heating speed, faster than the circular solar stove 30%

4 regulation and stability,

5. Easy to operate,

6. Small package size, easy to transport,

7.Use sunshine to boil water or cook meals and food, energy saving and eco-friendly Can reach high temperature up to 1200°C, capable for boiling, cooking, stewing etc.



FocusPositive focusPartial focusPartial focusPartial focus
ShapeRound Rectangular Rectangular Rectangular
Max Temperature1000 degree900 degree1200 degree1400 degree
MaterialHigh quality Carbon+MagnesiaHigh quality Carbon steel+Vacuum aluminized film
Reflective area1.8M21.2M22.3M23.5M2
focal length60CM75CM110CM110CM
Elevation(Max)90 degree90 degree90 degree90 degree
Depression(Min)30 degree(360 degree Rotate)
Operating height100cm110cm118cm120cm
Packing Size70X70X15CM70X70X15CM70X70X15CM70X70X15CM
Cook water time1)Testing place: China,2) Time: December 01 PM: 12:00-13:00, 3)Season: Winter, 4)Temperature:10 degrees 5) wind power is 2-3 levels.
37 minuter/3KGS water45 minuter/3KGS water21 minuter/3KGS water17 minuter/3KGS water
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Precautions for use

1, The solar cooker takes up big space after installation. The installation place should be reasonable. The solid ground as base should be located on the north of residential open, sheltered, flat place.


2, To avoid the space where surrounding tall buildings and trees, poles and other shading blockade.

please avoid the place where is easy to hinder the human, livestock, machinery and other equipments, and other regular activities.


4. Keep away from hay, trees, and other flammable objects. Please stay away from damp places.


5.The solar cooker should be used in sunny weather or even though there is still strong sunlight, and there should be no shading covering on the surface of the reflector


6.When using, please adjust the direction of the cooktop facing the sun, put cookware on the pot circle, transfer the handle (crank), adjust the elevation and depression angle of the reflecting surface so that the light shines on the bottom of the pot


7. In the process of work, please according to the sun's height and orientation changes, every 15 minutes intervals, timely adjustment of the solar cooker.


8. The surface of the reflector must not be hard to wipe, so as not to damage the reflective film. It is recommended to use imitation deerskin towel wipe gently with water, or add a small amount of detergent with water from the top down, wipe from outside to inside.


9. Cook the bottom of the pot with black to black, to ensure effective absorption of sunlight heat.



Packing and weight:


plywood packagingpacking 2




2 years & Guarantee for use of 10 years


Why people would like to choose using solar cooker?

The solar cooker can directly to boil water and cook under the direct sunlight. The highest temperature from focus places as high as 1200 °C which can meet various kinds of cooking ways, such as steam, stew, boil, braise, etc.

First, economic benefit and social benefits.

No burning coal, no using electricity, no burning gas and firewood which will save large fund in daily cooking. The solar cooker has a wide range of USES which can boil water and steamed bread, boiled rice porridge, stewed meat, etc.

Second, no carbon emissions way of life which improves people eating conditions and health level?

If only to boil water and to cook, so it is way of natural pollution-free, no smoke without oil dirties. At the same time can reduce large burned to protect the ecological environment.


Answers to people who often question before buying from MARSROCK

1. Can we use solar cooker as emergency cooker without any electrical power or fuel?

Whether you're dealing with a power outage, or just plain conserving energy, the Solar Cooker can cook anything that can be baked in a conventional Cooker. It lets you harness the power of the sun to cook without fuel.

2. What kinds of recipe that solar cooker can do?

With the Solar Cooker you can cook almost anything - breads, cakes, muffins, pizza, vegetables, poultry, fish, meats, casseroles, grains, pasta and desserts, just to name a few.


3. Does solar cookers can provide enough temperature for cooking?

Our Solar Cookers reach temperatures of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, which are more than sufficient to bake, steam your favorite foods - wherever you happen to take your Solar Cooker.

Can we get good taste food as well as cooked by traditional cooking way at home when we use solar cooker to do cooking?

Sun-baked foods stay moister and have less shrinkage than conventional Cooker-cooked foods. Also, with the Solar Cooker there is never any burning or scorching to ruin a meal.

5. Is totally safe to use solar cooker from MARSROCK?

Because of the unique way the Solar Cooker operates, there is never a danger of fire.

6. Reliable quality?

The faceplate is made of high quality carbon steel material, never deformation, durable; And the surface of faceplate was coated by electrostatic spurted plastic, which is free maintain but long life of 10 years.

7. Is totally Portable

You can take and use the Solar Cooker virtually anywhere there is sunshine. Is a Great Hedge against Power Interruptions?

With a Solar Cooker, you will be prepared for any interruption to traditional power sources. You will be able to cook any kind of food as well as boiling water. You can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that as long as there is sunshine, you will have all the power you need to cook your meals


8. What types of Solar Cookers we can choose?

Mars Rock designs three types of solar cookers to meet people daily life’s demand based on the different needs and different budget.

1 ) Automatic Tracking Sun Solar Cooker with electrical power at home

This type cooker installed with a track sun sensor, motor system and needs 220V AC power source, you can use AC power at home.

2 ) Automatic Tracking Sun Solar Cooker without power

This type cooker installed with a track sun sensor, motor system and 25W Solar PV panel energy system, off grid. So it can be used anywhere as long as under sunshine.

3 ) Common Solar Cooker

People often buying for the lowest price. As we mentioned model number from MRSC1000 to MRSC2200.

What are the features of solar oven from MARSROCK?

1>As long as 10 years life.

2>The compact structure of solar oven is compact. So it is easy to be installed and easy to be operated, and can be used outdoor all-weather without maintenance!

3>The oven is composited by six pieces of faceplates. Whose weight is light and convenient disassembly, installation, carry. It’s suitable for long distance transportation.

4>Reflector is made of carbon steel with highly reflective Al film (reflectivity> 85%) Spray coating surface. The pulley & lever principle design improves the efficiency of condenser regulation in more short time and more less stress by hands. So it is easy to be carried.

5>Accurate gathered precision to ensure the focus position of high temperature.

6>Best investment in one time by get ten years benefit.

What place is suitable for use MARSROCK solar cooker?

It is specially suitable for people who boils water, steams, boils, cooks in countryside, gardens, mountainous areas, for cooking of traveling, camping, and so on.

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