30W Solar Power System Home (60734588898)

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Product Overview


Product Overview

FADI Solar 30KW Off Grid Solar Power System Home

Off-grid system is suitable for areas without grid-connected or unstable geid-connected power.
Off grid system is usually composed od solar panels. connector, inverter, battery and mounting system.

Solar Power System Home Using method:

1. Lamp using method
1) Special LED lamp is provided. Connect lamp cable to any port of front DC12V OUT1—DC12V OUT4,turn on main switch and then output
switch. Some models have no output switch, so only turning on main switch is ok. LED lamp is special and do not use from other

2.Solar charging method
1)Please put solar panel in place under good sunshine.
2)Connect solar panel cable to SOLAR IN port, and turn on main switch to start charging.
Please turn off main switch when don’t use.

3. Mobile phone charging method
1)This system support all kinds of mobile phone charging.
2)Connect phone USB cable to system USB port DC5V USB for charging.
4. Small game console and other products charging method
1)For DS and PSP etc,switch off power and connect to USB port directly. Please notice that USB voltage is same with above product.

5. MP3:( Customizing)
1)Turn on:Put power switch to ON;Turn off:Put power switch to OFF
2) Insert U disk or SD card which have Mp3 music when system is working. System will recognize and display automatically.
3) Button function as following:
4) LAST Short press to display last music and long press to reduce volume; NEXT Short press to display next music and long press
to increase volume;
5) MODE Working mode choosing: FM,AUX,MP3;
6) DISPLAY/STOP Press for first time to stop music and press for second time to display music
7) MP3 mode:Show music from U disk or SD card, and display time;
8) Adjusting volume:Show volume value;
9) AUX mode:Show mode at the moment.


Solar Power System Home Product Feature:

1. Economic convenient power solutions
2. clearly legible work status display
3. Built-in high capacity AGM battery
4. USB charging and LED lighting
5. Easy to carry and quick installation
6. Reliable performance, simple operation


Gel Battery

1. Rated voltage: 12V 2. Capacity: 250Ah 3. Weight:64KGS 4. Self-discharge: <3% per month 5. Cover material: ABS

Solar panel

440W Mono crystalline PV module

1. Power: 440W 2. Size: 2115*1052*35mm 3. Weight: 24KGS/PCS 4. Module efficiency:19.8% 5. Voltage at Pmax:41V 6. Current at Pmax:10.74A 7. Open-circuit Voltage:49.6V 8. Short-Circuit Currect:11.33A 9. A grade high quality solar panel


>Roof Brackets
>PV Cable 4m 6m
> MC4 Connector
> DC Breaker
> Lightening arrester
> DC Switches

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