sintered carbide glass hole cutter

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sintered carbide glass hole cutter

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APPLE CARBIDE cutting wheels are available in a variety of different sizes, cutting angles and grid sizes. Here you find a range of the most commonly used types. With the right wheel and correct setup, you will increase your production efficiency and decrease the rework and scrap rate. Our carbide glass cutting wheel will perform consistently and help you to optimize your score process.

The carbide scribing is used in float glass, constructional engineering glass, glass doors, windows, mirrors, automotive glass, LCD panels, and substrate glass.

All carbide wheels are made of high quality tungsten alloy material and are accurately manufactured with high precision machinery. It has excellent abrasive resistance, excellent cutting results and long service life.


Images of carbide glass cutter

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•  Carbide glass cutting wheel uses special tungsten alloy material. It is manufactured with unique high precision processing technology. All dimensions are held within extremely tight tolerances.

•  The special tungsten alloy material and the tightly controlled tip finish at the cutting edge can guarantee the cutting quality and service life of the carbide scribing wheel.

•  Compared with similar tungsten carbide glass cutting wheels, ours has higher cutting quality and longer service life. Each and every wheel is mounted and tested on glass to insure reproducible.





Cutting Steps

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The glass is first lubricated along the cutting line with a light oil. The glass cutter is then pressed firmly against the surface of glass and a line is scribed to form a "score" or "cut".
The glass is now weakened by this score and the panel is ready to be split along the scored line. The score is then "run" or "opened" to extend the split using running pliers, or by carefully applying pressure (exactly under the score) on the bottom side of the glass using a straight edge or a wedge directly under the score and pressing evenly on each side.




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