very good quality 7Den/15Den x 64mm HC or 7Den/15Den x 28mm/32mm/38mm/51mm/64mm HCS polyester staple fiber (60736483704)

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Product Parameter                                                                                                                                                                            


Virgin Polyester Staple Fiber
Model number
Hollow Conjugated
3D/7D/15d*32/51/64mm, Siliconized



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  Brand name rongsun


Product Description
Features: 1. Special three-dimensional hollow spiral three-dimensional fiber structure, aseptic, odorless, safe and environmentally friendly, no chemical whitening agent added, good elasticity and compression resistance.2. Compared with the fiber, the unevenness and compressive performance are better than that of the fiber, which can directly save 10% of the consumption. What's more, the blunt pillow is smoother, the fiber will turn blue when it is flushed out, and the original one will look better and more high-end.The pillow that raw material rushes up also won't make a sound, the pillow that fiber rushes up, the sound is particularly loud, the sound of rustle.3, fiber after a period of compression, it is easy to become a group, and pillow is easy to change shape.The compressive resistance of raw materials is obviously stronger.4. After accounting, raw materials can save 10% of consumption compared with raw materials, which greatly improves product quality, stability and safety on the basis of constant cost.
Foshan Gu Qiang Chemical Fiber products Co., Ltd.
Foshan Gu Qiang Chemical Fiber products Co., Ltd., with professional production technology and innovative businessphilosophy,witha novel chemical fiber brand image to win the reputation of customers. The company has a scientific and complete quality management system, the integrity, strength and quality of the company has been recognized by the industry. Foshan Gu Qiang Chemical Fiber products Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of three major products:
1.Male cotton (polyester staple fiber), pearl cotton, functional fiber cotton, Weilun velvet, environmental protection
cotton,spray glue cotton, clothing cotton, composite cotton and so on, suitable for sofa, toys, pet nest, cushion, bedding,
clothingandso on.
2. Cotton rope: 2MM-10MM white / rice white cotton rope, suitable for cushions, sofas, mattresses and other
edgeshaping;2MM-10MM.wisting rope, can do multicolor, suitable for household products, welcome to sample custom-made.
3. Ribbon: loose belt, PP belt, sill belt, suitable for sofa, office furniture, mattress and other products.



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