Construction Ca(HCO2)2 Calcium Formate Free Sample

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Product Overview



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  Construction Ca(HCO2)2 Calcium Formate Free Sample


Product Description

 1.Basic information of Construction Ca(HCO2)2 Calcium Formate

Calcium Formate
CAS NO.544-17-2
EINECS NO.208-863-7
Appearancethe white crystal or powder
Purity98% min high stable quality
Packing25kgs bag/1000kgs bag
and storage
Pay attention to rain, sun, acid and oxidizing substances during the transportation. Use no hook, prohibit rough handling. Should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse, pay attention to water, damp and away from acid and oxidizing substances. The shelf life is two years since the production date.
Application1.Feed additives. As feed additives, which can stimulation animals appetite and Reduce the rate of diarrhea. After animal be weaned, add 1.5% calcium formate in feed, which can improve animal growth rate more than 12%.
2.Construction. In winter ,Calcium formate can be used as acceleration concreting for cement. Dry-Mix system . accelerate the cement hardening rate, shorten the coagulation time, especially in the winter construction, to avoid condensation at low temperatures
3.Additives for explore the petroleum and natural gas.

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 2.Specification of Construction Ca(HCO2)2 Calcium Formate

A: Industry Grade

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B: Feed Grade
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3.Usage of Construction Ca(HCO2)2 Calcium Formate

Accelerator for cement based dry motars

Accelerator for concrete basis

Feed stuff additives

Compound fertilizer additives

Well completion or cementation of oil drilling

Leather tanning

Dyestuffs, pigments and optical brighteners



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Packaging & Shipping

 For Construction Ca(HCO2)2 Calcium Formate, packed in:

1.25kg net PP woven bags or kraft paper bags

2.1000kg or 1100kg jumbo bags

3.According to customers' requirement(Attention: stored in cool and dry place, avoid humidity and direct sunlight)

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Quality Control




  5.Other Products


Our Services


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1. Free samples:   Construction Ca(HCO2)2 Calcium Formate

We are willing to offer 200g free samples for your test. And the ship/express freight cost usually covered by customers. Please feel free to contact us for samples.  
2. Prompt delivery:   calcium formate manufacturer
After confirm the order,usually within 15 days we can provide the goods on time.
3. Reply customers: Construction Ca(HCO2)2 Calcium Formate
We'd like to reply any question in 30 minutes on work day.If we  are in holiday,we'll reply in 24 hours.
4. After-sale service:   calcium formate manufacturer Feed Additives Calcium Formate
Feed back email after endusers received the cargo. We listen to the customer's comments and suggestions, for constantly developing and improving ourselves to provide better valued services. 

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Construction Ca(HCO2)2 Calcium Formate

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