Mechanical workers hand wash cream High efficiency degreasing agent Oil stain high efficiency cleaning agent

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Mechanical workers hand wash cream

First, the product code: Q / YS.701 (Yi Shun brand)

Second, product introduction:

This product is specially designed for factory workers efficient oil stain cleaner. Suitable for oil workers, ship crew and machinery, hardware, printing, mechanics, auto repair industry engineers, technical and management personnel. Can effectively remove all kinds of oil, ink, graphite, and other industrial dirt; Containing skin care ingredients, deep moisturizing skin protection, non-toxic products innocuous, non-irritating, not to hurt the hand, can eliminate dead skin and bactericidal anti-inflammatory, Effect.

Third, product index:

1. white emulsion

2. PH value: 8.0 ~ 8.3.

Fourth, the use of methods:

First moisten your hands with water, then take a small amount of this product scrub in the hands, and finally rinse with water.

Fifth, note:

If the pot of medicine precipitation, please stir well before use, does not affect the use of results.


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As a high-tech company,Guang Zhou YIShun Chemical Co.,Ltd. is specialize in researching,developing,manufacturing and selling chemical products like metal surface treatment chemicals, liquid for metal industry, industrial cleaning agent and chemical product,which is also qualified to offer tailored solution for clients concerninig the chemical products mentioned above.
YiShun Chemical will strive to grow into the most innovative and professional chemical company, aimed at creating solution and orientation,product and service in higher level continuously for various industries as well as driving chemical industry accomplish striking achievements increasingly.
YiShun Chemical has been regarding “Environment-friendly YiShun and Green Home” as its health development strategy,”Environment Protection and Green” as its guidance for product research and production,”Top-grade,Refined, Advanced and Specialized” as its conception for chemical product development, and perfecting its innovative system, improving its capacity for sustainable growth unceasingly, striking to create social value continuously and be a leader in chemical industry for environment production.

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