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Product Overview


Flexible Aluminium Air Pipe For Compressor

Product Description

Product Description





The contrast between Super pipe , performance of pipeline, and traditional

  Carbon Steel Pipeline Traditional Stainless Steel ZIQI super pipeline Supplementary Details
Time of Installation slow slow fast eliminating any need of welding and being over 50% as fast as traditional pipeline
Difficulty of Adaptation difficult difficult easy fast installation
Time of Adaptation long long short adding an Super pipe can be finished within 10minutes
Inner Roughness 1.9 micron 1micron 0.2-0.4micron extrusion forming and smooth interior
Pressure Loss high higher low low roughness and pressure loss
Leaking Situation 10%-30% 10%-30% 0% ‘O’sealing ring
Corrosion After Being Used for a Long Time serious a little none anticathode oxidation in interior side
Effects on the Quality of Compressed Air serious a little none never damaging air equipments
Initial Investment Expenditure low higher higher  

 Easy installation air compressor pipeline
• Fast installation with compression fittings
• Aluminum piping with nylon polymer fittings
• Provides superior air quality with no pipe rust or corrosion
• Smooth pipe wall allows compressed air to flow efficiently, lowering energy costs









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 ZIQI compressed air piping system presentation box,it is best for distributor to promote the market.



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