thermal spraying use 1.6mm / 3.17mm pure zinc wire 99.995% for metallizing

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Product Description

Thermal spraying use 1.6mm / 3.17mm zinc wire 99.995%

Chemical  compositionZnCdPbFeCuTotal non-zinc

Nominal value

Actual value99.99570.00170.00150.00080.00030.0043
Tensile strength M pa115±10
Elongation %45±5
melting point419
Density g/m37.14

Packed on Spool:φ0.3 - 5.0mm,10 to 20 kgs per spool
Packed as coil:φ0.8 -5.0mm,20 to 50kgs per coil

Key benefits:

  1. Purity Zn > 99,995%, EN 117921 .
  2. Low Cadmium content: Cd 0,0002 - 0,0005 = only ca. 50% of the highest content allowed according to  EN 117921 .
  3. Remarkable adhesiveness of zinc .
  4. Clean and smooth surface of the wire  (good electric conductivity and high durability of nozzle) .
Thermal Spray Wire Series: Ni95Al5,Monel 400,Monel K500,Inconel 625,Hastelloy C-276,Cr20Ni80
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