Best Seller Pri safety Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems for Machinery Equipment

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Product Overview


Product Description

Engine compartments of heavy duty transporters are more tendency to catch fire than other enclosures due to the following: short circuit, engine wear, hot surfaces, reduced durability of materials, use of plastics, encapsulation of the engine, oil, and debris. It is not surprising that more than 70% of all vehicle fires occur in the engine compartment. Since heavy duty transporters are used for industry, the fire protection of heavy duty transporters should be top priority of every heavy duty transporter operator or

As a professional automatic fire protection system manufacturer, here we PRI-SAFETY recommend Pri-safety Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems for Machinery Equipment to you.

Carbon Steel Cylinder Model:

Stainless Steel Cylinder Model:

1. Product Features.

*Completely Automatically

*Heated start, no electricity;

*Simple Installation and maintenance;

*Suitable for Heavy duty Mining Machine.

2. Specification.

PRI-SAFETY Mining Machine Fire Systems
Brand Name of Mining Machine Fire Systems
Capacity of Mining Machine Fire Systems
6L, 9L, 12L, 20L, 25L, 50L
Agent of Mining Machine Fire Systems 
3% AFFF Foam / FM200 / Dry Powder
Working Pressure of Mining Machine Fire Systems
Testing Pressure of Mining Machine Fire Systems
Cylinder Material of Mining Machine Fire Systems
St12 red painting
Certificate of Mining Machine Fire Systems
System Activated Temperature

For machinery equipment, we can choose different system, AFFF3% Foam system, or FM200 System, or Dry Powder System. The different systems are with different discharge tubes and nozzles.

3. Product Activated Principle.

Step1: Detection tube ruptures to a hole when temperature reach 140℃, and release pressure through the hole.(Or pushing the manual button of detection tube,pressure releasing from the manual button.)

Step2: The resulting drop in pressure causes the head valve to be activated. At the same time the fire alarm is activated.

Step3: Valve opene and agent discharge through the discharge tube to the spray nozzles.

Step4: Agent covering the area and suppressing the fire quickly and thoroughly.

This system activiation is totally automatic and independent of electricity.

4. Diagram of Mining Machine Fire Systems.

1). Single bottle.

  2). Two or three bottles

5. Mining Machine Fire Systems Application. 

      We are known as one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of various safety products in China. If the mining machine automatic fire suppression systems meets your requirement, welcome to the quality equipment made in China. Our factory will offer you one stop service and one year warranty.

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About Company

      PRI-SAFETY was established in 2004, Located in Hangzhou, China, is professional manufacturer of Automatic Fire Suppression Systems , Fire Extinguishers, CAFS fire Systems(Compressed Air Foam Fire Systems).

We supply not only products, but also the professional fire systems design and solution for customers.
We mainly export to Europe, America and Latin America, Middle east, Africa, and Asia, etc.

We have ISO9001:2015, CE, BS EN3, UL and FIA certificates.

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