Пульт дистанционного управления HGM420 с ЖК дисплеем, умный контроллер с автоматическим запуском, универсальные запчасти для генератора smartgen (60747448700)

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HGM 420 Diesel generator set controller

HGM400 series power station automation controller integrateddigital, intelligent, network technology, used in single diesel generating sets automation and monitoring system, realize the generator of automatic start / stop, data measurement, alarm and protection and the "three." (required with SG485 functionmodule). The controller adopts the large screen liquid crystal(LCD) display, Chinese, English, Spanish and Russian optionalinterface operation, simple operation, reliable operation.

HGM400 series power station automation controller usingmicroprocessor technology, realize the precision measurement,constant value control and timing, the threshold setting of variousparameters of controller function, all parameters can be from the controller front panel adjustment, or the use of PC through theprogramming interface (USB to LINK interface, can be the products of our company SG72) adjustment and monitoring. Itscompact structure, simple connection, high reliability, and can be widely applied to the automation of various types of generator system.

Performance and characteristics

HGM400 series of two models:

HGM410: used for stand-alone automation, via the remote bootsignal generator set control automatic startup and shutdown;

HGM420: on the basis of HGM410 increased the city electricpower monitoring and electric / power automatic switching controlfunction (AMF), especially for stand-alone automation system composed of a city in a machine.

The following the main features:

Liquid crystal display LCD 132 * 64, with backlight, four languages (simplified Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian)display, touch button operation;

For the three-phase four wire, three-phase three wire single-phase two-wire,, two-phase three wire (120V/240V) power supply 50Hz/60Hz system;

Acquisition and display the city electricity / power three-phase voltage, three-phase current, frequency, power parameters;

The city electricity with overvoltage, undervoltage, phasefunction, power generation with overvoltage, undervoltage,frequency, less frequency, stream function;

Various parameters precision acquisition engine:

Control and protection function: the realization of diesel generating set automatic startup / shutdown, closing opening(ATS switching) fault and perfect display protection function;

With electric stop, idle speed control, preheating control, liftingspeed control function, and are relay output;

Parameter setting function: allow the user to change the setting of its parameters, will not be lost in the system when the power is off,the controller from the front panel of the controller. All parameters can be adjusted, or the use of PC through the programming interface adjustment (the use of my company SG72 adapter);

A variety of temperature and pressure sensors can be used directly, and can be custom parameters;

Many successful starting conditions (speed sensor, oil pressure,power) can be selected;

Supply a wide power supply range (8~35) VDC, can adapt to different starting battery voltage environment;

All parameters were adopted the digital adjustment, abandons theconventional method of simulating adjustment potentiometer,improve the reliability and stability of;

Modular design and flame retardant ABS shell, pluggable terminal blocks, embedded installation, compact structure, convenient installation.

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