timber wood red cedar Finland white hemlock Abachi wooden sauna room

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Red cedar

Rare and valuable cedar, and its long growing season, elegant, color brighter, clear wood, natural wood knot, hard material, density, water does not rot, not black, corrosion insulation, mold, odor,do not with static, anti-bacterial, not easily deformed, wear characteristics, easy maintenance, the surface is rich in natural wood section .

 Abachi wood

Tough Abachi solid wood is not easy to shrink. Bending resistance ability. Maple wood has been used only in the internal expansion works and furniture. Its surface is easily processed, polishing,
pickling and coloring small difficulty. Painting is also very easy.

Hemlock wood

Dried hemlock lumber size is very stable, with excellent wear resistance. Good processing performance, easy to be machined. For nails and screws with excellent bite force. Available dried hemlock and kiln dried efficient drying. Dried timber size is very stable, has good strength, appearance and processing characteristics, with a durable, no distortion, no cracking, coupled with excellent nail biting force, due to its smooth surface touch, no smell, no resin, also used as a sauna panels.

 Finland White Spruce wood

wooden close, of a fat content is low, wood fiber texture, small knots, high strength than most softwood species, belonging to economically artificial wood preservative by vacuum pressure CCAT processing, color pale green, with anti-true mold, mildew , termite and other parasites function, suitable for use in outdoor conditions, coupled with reasonable maintenance (especially the surface brushing dedicated anti-ultraviolet rays, waterproof, mildew proof seal coating) .

Product Name
Finland White Spruce Wall Panel
Finland White Spruce Bench Panel
Finland White Spruce Floor Panel
Hemlock Wall Panel
Hemlock Bench Panel
Hemlock Floor Panel
Abachi Wall Panel
Abachi Bench Panel
Red Cedar Wall Panel
Red Cedar Bench Panel
Red Cedar Floor Panel
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Packing & Delivery
Company & Factory

Q:Are you a factory or a trading company?
A:We produce different kinds of wood and sauna, we also produce outdoor hot spring hot tub and swimming pool spa.

    And the price of the factory is very attractive.

Q: Can you customize the size?
A: certainly. We can produce according to your size and design.

Q:How long will the production take?
A: within 30 days after confirmation of the order.

Q: what kind of wood do you produce?
A:We produce Red cedar, Canada white pine, Hemlock, Abachi and so on.

Q:What is the delivery time?
A: 20 to 30 days after the confirmation of the order.

Q:What kind of payment terms can you accept?
A: we can accept L/C, T/T, paypal and western union etc.


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