100% Taiwan waterborne white heat insulation coating for indoor and outdoor (60750519238)

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Product Overview


Product Description
301D water proof and heat insulation paint, middle coating
* It reduces the interior temperatures of buildings and working with a principle to block the radiant heat before it reaches to the surface and lower the temperature.                                    * Waterproof, suitable for exterior wall surface.                                                            Example.roof garden, metal surface, wood furniture and plain cement.                              
*Resistance to crack, dusting and excellent chemical resistant.
16 KG
No need to dilute, you could use water if you would like to dilute
Drying time
Touchable:30 min Harden: 48hrs
Suggested Coating Wt.
20 m²/ 5 Gallon (Need to spray two layers)
Operation method
Brush, Roller, Airless spraying
1.Operate 101-LD RC Structure primer after the wall is clean and dry.                              2.Apply 301D water proof and heat insulation paint, middle coating-middle coating when primer is dry.                                                                                                                                    3.Apply another layer of 301D water proof and heat insulation paint, middle coating-middle coating when it is dry.
4. Apply 302D waterproof constant temperature paint- top coating.
Keep the applying surface dry and clean. Stire firmely befor applying. Avoid to operate in high moisture weather conditions.
Company Information

Sinice is a national high-tech enterprise, which specializes in inkjet ink, optical (CD/DVD/BD) ink, offset ink, UV flexo, building paint, and wooden paint. We devoted toward research, development, design, production, quality, and customer service in order to provide our customer better products and maintain our position as a leader in coating technology.

Scope of our products:
Inkjet ink: primer, UV/LED inkjet ink, ECO inkjet ink and solvent ink.
Disk ink: covers almost every products in optical production line.
UV Offset ink: UV offset ink, LED UV offset, Letterpress.
UV Flexo: Paper and PVC

Building coating: putty, undercoating, waterproof coating, dirt off top coating and insulation coating.
Wooden coating: UV/PU/NC system( Primer, sealer, top coat).

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