professional powder coating bike frames spray can machine

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Introduction: professional powder coating bike frames spray can machine

SANXIN provides SX-5000(gas fuel HVOF) & SX-8000(oil fuel HVOF) equipments.


SX-5000 a mixture of gaseous or liquid fuel and oxygen is fed into a combustion chamber, where they are ignited and combusted continuously. The resultant hot gas at a pressure close to 1 MPa emanates through a converging–diverging nozzle and travels through a straight section. The jet velocity at the exit of the barrel (>1000 m/s) exceeds the speed of sound. A powder feed stock is injected into the gas stream, which accelerates the powder up to 800 m/s. The stream of hot gas and powder is directed towards the surface to be coated. The powder partially melts in the stream, and deposits upon the substrate.


SX-8000 supersonic flame spraying is a new type of HVOF system, Its principle is that the combustion supporting agen oxygen atomizes the kerosene fully with atomizing nozzle, then they will enter into combustion chamber as flammable mixed gas.It will burn in high temperature and high pressure after the ignition system ignites it. high-temperature and high-pressure supersonic flame flow will be formed after it’s burning in the Laval nozzle. powder feeding system will send the powder material from the area of low pressure into the flame flow, heating accelerated then spray to the workpiece surface to form high quality coatings.


HVOF coating machine spray materials
HVOF coating machine can spray metarial of part of Alloy powder (Tungsten carbide /WC-Co, Cr3C2-NiCr, MCrAlY, Cr C, Cr Co, Cr, etc.)


HVOF equipment consists of HVOF spray gun, HVOF powder feeding machine, HVOF control system, heat-exchanger system for HVOF and pipeline system for's a compact equipment with the traits of easy-operating, stable working performance, low fuel consumption and high-quality coating. 



Our company specializes in the production of arc spraying machines, HVOF supersonic flame spraying machines, plasma spraying machines, high-power flame spraying equipment , thermal spraying auxiliary equipment and automated coating line.


we has rich experience of manufacturing and construction applications more than 34 years in thermal spray field . We can provide a full set of technical support, including the best cost-effective equipments, onsite construction services , solution and process and any other support you need. hope to cooperate with agents and wholesalers from all over the world with high quality and the best price , we provide OEM production. Welcome to visit our factory in GUANGZHOU China. 


We also provides diversified services

(1)Diversified thermal
(2)Spraying Equipment and coating
(3)Intelligent production line
(4)New coating service
(5)Soundproof room standard
(6)Power Boiler Global Construction
(7)Aerospace coating
(8)Medical coating TI HA
(9)Pulverizing system
(10)Auto parts anti-wear insulation
(11)Coated silicon aluminum target manufacturing
(12)Import and export equipment
(13)Raw material selection


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Wooden cases or iron box by sea

Parameters of HVOF coating machine



Parameters of hovf powder feeding machine


Our Services

Pre-Sales Service

* Inquiry and consulting support. 

* Sample testing support. 
* View our Factory.

After-Sales Service
* Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine. 
* Engineers available to service machinery overseas.


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(7) Industrial water chillers
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