BXY 100 Тип неныжная рекуперации тепла сжатия воздуха сушилка с упаковкой абсорбента (60753596566)

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The waste heat regeneration dryer is a new type of dryer, which is not only a heat regenerative and no heat regenerative type, but also belongs to variable temperature and pressure swing adsorption. It is used to regenerate the desiccant directly by heating from the high temperature exhaust of the air compressor, so that the adsorbent is completely regenerated, so it can make full use of its own energy and have energy saving effect.

The waste heat regeneration dryer has a double tower structure. The tower is filled with an adsorbent. When one tower is performing adsorption drying process, another tower is desorption process.

The waste heat regeneration dryer mainly consists of the following equipment: two alternate adsorption towers, a set of silencing systems, a set of air coolers, a set of air liquid separator, auxiliary electric heating system, a set of switching valves, a set of control systems and gas source processing units, etc.


1.Technical Index 

  +capacity: 20-500Nm3/min

  +Operationg pressure0.6~1.0MPa(can provide1.0~3.0MPa)

  +Inlet air Temperature≤110~150

  +Dew Point≤  -40~-70(Normal pressure dew point)

  +Operation cycle: 6-8h

  +Regeneration air consumption: ≤1%~3%

  +Control mode:  Microcomputer automatic control

2.Technical Parameters  

3. Technical Characteristics 

+Using the world's advanced microcomputer controller, can achieve communication and joint control, with excellent performance.

+Using High quality butterfly valve ,switch quickly, accurately and reliably.

+Adopted gas diffusion device, Which has uniform distribution of air flow in the tower, and a unique filling way. The service life of the adsorbent is long.

+The regeneration process takes advantage of the waste heat from the air compressor, and the energy consumption of regeneration is low.

+The overall layout is reasonable, compact, simple installation, easy to operation and maintenance.





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