Horizontal Slider strips copper track rail profile 4 track sliding light profile (60754891534)

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Product Overview


Product Description
Product Name
PC material with  oxygen-free copper track
Custom color is available 
Insert the  oxygen-free copper after the PC strips is finished.
Raw Material
PC material: Iupilon / Lexan
Copper: oxygen-free copper
Supporting high voltages lamp or other linear electric.

Material Advantage

PC material:

a), Mechanical properties: high strength and elastic coefficient, high impact strength, good fatigue resistance, low molding shrinkage, good dimensional stability, small creep rate (under very high temperature conditions), good thermal aging resistance and UL temperature index up to 110 degrees (good outdoor long-term durability).

b), Insulation performance: excellent (moist, high temperature can also maintain stable electrical properties, is an ideal material for the manufacture of electronic and electrical parts).


The structure of oxygen-free copper is dense and uniform, no pores, trachoma, high purity, less inclusions, good conductive and thermal conductivity extension properties; oxygen content is stable and oxidation is slow. The product has exquisite appearance and superior performance. It is suitable for various high-precision die-discharge machining materials or high-voltage electrical switches and other electrical accessories.

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Packing & Delivery

Wooden box packaged

Inside: The whole number is baled with PE bag  packed, convenient to check quantity when you received.
Outside: Wooden box packaged to prevent the track lines and wires from damp , wear and pressure.

Export carton packaged.

Inside: The whole number is baled with PE bag packed ,convenient to check quantity when you received.

Outside:Carton box packaged to prevent the track lines and wires from damp , wear and pressure.

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