Full Automatic Complete Drink /Drinking Mineral Pure Water Filling Production Line For Bottle

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Product Overview


Full automatic Complete  Drink /Drinking  Mineral Pure Water Filling Production Line For Bottle

1.water treatment

The Reverse Osmosis device is an equipment to purify the saline water with the action of pressure difference of semi-permeable membrane. It is called reverse osmosis, as it is counter to natural penetration direction. Difference materials have different osmotic pressures.
The reverse osmosis can remove more than 97% of the soluble salt and above 99% of the colloid, microorganism, particles and organic materials, becoming the best first-choice choice equipment in the engineering of modern purified water, highly purified water and space water (super-purified water). The most highlighted features are low energy consumption, no pollution, simple technique, high-quality water and convenient operation and maintenance.
RO with reverse washing tank-RO is the heart of water treatment system,so we prepared the washing tank with clean the inside of RO to make the RO membranes work longer.




2.washing-filling-capping 3 in 1 machine

1)The machine is mainly used in the beverage filling operations. The three functions of bottle wash, fill and seal are composed in one body of the machine. The whole process is automatic. The machine is used in filling juices, mineral water and purified water in bottles made of polyester and plastics.

2)The machine can also be used in hot filling if being installed with temperature controlling device. The handle of the machine can be freely and conveniently turned to adjust the machine to fill various types of bottles.

3) The filling operation is faster and more stable because the micro pressure filling operation of the new type is adopted. There the output and benefit of the machine is higher than the machines of the same specifications. The advanced mistubishi  programmed controller (PLC) is adopted to control the machine to run automatically while a transducer is used in the bottle -entering chains to adjust speeds and coordinated with the transducer of the main machine to make the operations of moving bottle forward steadily and reliably.

4) It is convenient to operate with higher automation because every part of the machine is inspected to run with photo electricity, On the bases, the filling parts of the machine can be changed into filling methods of lower vacuum.

5)The filling category of lower vacuum (Z type machine) is applicable in glass bottles, filling alcohol, soy and such like materials. The aluminum theft proof cap and plastic cap can be adopted. The machine is an idea-preferred equipment for beverage makers.



3.sleeve labeling machine


1. Size: 2000L*1000W*2000H(mm)

2. Weight: about 300KG

3. Bottle neck ;Ø25 --- Ø55, Ø55--- Ø 90, Ø 90--- Ø110(mm); chose any one of them, specially one need design according.

4. Label length: 30---190(mm)

5. Internal diameter: 5”---10”free adjustable

6. Speed: Max250B/M (Label height: 55mm speed 0-15000B/H);

The Label longer and the speed will lower.

7. Label thickness: 0.035---0.13(mm)

8. Label materials: PVC, PET, OPS

9. Conveyor frame: 2.40M stainless steel frame  



Electricity part:

    1. Voltage: 3 Phase 380V   AC±5%    50/60HZ

    2. Power: 3.5KW

    3. Ground protection: Effective grounding more than 2 Square

    4. Power line: 3X4C  4 square meters electric cable

5. Protection switch: 380V-3P   25A



Machine size:

1. Label machine: 2000L*900W*2000H (mm)

2. Steam tunnel: steam qty: 30KG/H

  Steam pressure: ≤0.2Mpa

  Steam tunnel dimension: 1200L*500W*600H (mm)



4.PE film warping machine



Technical Specification:

1. Packing form: 4×6 for 250ml

2. Packing speed:0~10pcs/min

3. Applicable container shape: circular container,quadrate container.

4. Total power charge: 19kw three-phase-five-line 380v/50Hz.   

5. Machine size: L×W×H=6500×3200×2100mm (Include 1meter no-power rear transfer frame).

6. Operating air pressure: 0.6~0.8Mpa.

7. Air consumption: 0.4m³/min.

8. Conveyor belt extreme breadth: 304mm, conveyor height: according to fills production line(Adjusting scope 150mm).




Installation service

When you finish the Preparation conditions,our fast and professional aftersales service engineer team will go to your factory to install the machine,give you the operating manual,and train your employee until they can operate the machine well.


The sample service

1.We can send you the video of the running machine.

2.You are welcome to come to visit our factory,and see the machine running.


Customized service 

1.We can design the machines according your requirements(materil,power,filling type,the kinds of the bottles,and so on),at the same time we will give you our professional suggestion,as you know,we have been in this industry for many years.


After-sales service 

1.We will delivery the machine and provide the bill of load on time to make sure you can get the machine quickly

2.When you finish the Preparation conditions,our fast and professional aftersales service engineer team will go to your factory to install the machine,give you the operating manual,and train your employee until they can operate the machine well.

3. We often ask feedback and offer help to our customer whose machine have been used in their factory for some time. 

4.We provide one year warranty

5.Well-trained & experienced staff are to answer all your inquiries in English and Chinese



Quality Control

We have the single quality department,that make sure the material of the raw materials is  good,and ensure the machine running smoothly.


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