Safety 5 Step Steel Ladders With Handrail (60761269775)

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1.Manufacturing and exporting experience for over 5 years.

2.Products are supplied to over 10 countries.

3.No reclaimed material used to ensure high quality.

4.Professional QC and R&D teams to assure high quality.

Safety First!

Before use the ladders, please read the marking carefully!

1.Inspect upon receipt and before each use.

2.Make sure all rungs are securely engaged and locked in place.

3.Never bent or broken ladder.

4.Keep ladder clean, free from grease, oil, snow, wet paint, and other slippery materials. Keep shoes clean; leather soles should not be used.

5.Never make temporary repairs of damaged or missing parts.

6.All working parts must be in good working, order.

7.Do not use ladder if broken, worn or if exposed to fire or chemical corrosion.

8.Do not use ladder if you tire easily, are subject to fainting spells, are using medicine/alcohol or are physically impaired.

9.To protect children, do not leave ladder set-up and unattended.

Using the ladder :

1.Don’t exceed the maximum total load.

2.Don’t overreach , users should keep their navel inside the stiles and both feet on the same step/rung throughout the task.

3.Don’t step off a leaning ladder at a higher level without additional security , such as tying off or use of a suitable stability device.

4.Don’t use standing ladders of access to another level.

5.Don’t stand on the top three steps/rungs of a leaning ladder.

6.Ladders should only be used for light work of short duration.

7.Don’t use the ladder outside in adverse weather conditions, such as strong wind.

8.Take precautions against children playing on the ladder.

9.Face the ladder and keep a secure grip on the ladder when ascending and descending .

10.Don’t use the ladder as a bridge.

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