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LB-1000 asphalt mixing plant
The stationary asphalt mixing plant is designed to meet the requirements of high grade highway construction. For this reason, our company cooperated with the domestic scientific research institute as well as ACP Titan Company in joined development of the LB series stationary asphalt mixing plant with its quality up to the nationally leading level. Highly automatic and reliable, the plant is designed with optimized structure. Our batcher plant is available at volumes from 600kg to 5000kg. It is comprised of the cold aggregate bin, drum dryer, batcher, aggregate elevator, screening and measuring device, hot oil heating type bitumen supply tank, pulse jet bag-house cleaning device, and finished product storage bin. The whole equipment set is automatically controlled by a computer. Its main control room is constructed from high quality folded steel plates, and consist of imported burner, Toledo sensor, Simens electrical parts, and Advantech industrial personal computer.

bitumen asphalt


Mixing Capacity(kg)60010015002000300040005000
Hot Asphalt Storing Silo(t)406080120200200300
Fuel Consumption(kg/t)6-7
Fuel TypeHeavy Oil, Diesel, Natural Gas, Coal, etc
AGG Weighing Accuracy±0.5%
Filler Weighing Accuracy±0.5%
Bitumen Weighing Accuracy±0.25%
Mixed Asphalt Temp 130-180℃

1.Modular-Designed Cold Aggregate Hopper
1. Both the cold aggregate bin and belt conveyor are modular in construction, permitting easy, diversified combination according to customer's need.
2. According to the required production rate and mixing ratio, the conveyor belt speed is adjusted via the variable-frequency stepless speed-regulation controller for maximum processing efficiency.
3. To prevent the possibility of material shortage or blockage, there is screen mesh fitted at the charge chute of the hopper as well as a hopper alarm which goes off when the hopper is empty.
4. Conveyor belts for aggregate collection and feed are made from high tenacity rubbers. They are also equipped with anti-slip ancillary drum and scraper.

bitumen asphalt

2.Drum Dryer
1. For durability and longevity, the cylindrical drum is machined from wear-proof, thermo-stable welded 16Mn steel plates by the automatic submerged arc welding machine. Coated with silica fibers as well as stainless steel decoration, the whole structure looks robust and aesthetically appealing.
2. The drum is driven by four shaft-mounted geared motors where the motion of the gear is created by the friction of two strengthened gear surfaces.
3. Thick rock wool insulation under stainless steel shell helps the cylindrical drum to reduce heat loss.
4. At the discharge chute, an infrared thermometer is installed to measure the temperature of output aggregates.

bitumen asphalt

3.High-Efficiency Dust Collection System
1. The upper part of the dust collector is a steel cartridge which gives the glass fiber filter bag its shape. The fiber bag is imported from internationally well recognized names for great durability and high filtering efficiency.
2. Reverse air flow blown through the bag from outside causes the dust to fall into the hopper.
3. Dust collection is done at the lower part of the dust collector. The collected dust is sent outside via the screw conveyor or delivered to the lifter.

bitumen asphalt

4.Screening System
1. The aggregate lifter s driven by the wear-proof link plates which are not likely to be worn or overstretched. This process ensures a stable, low-speed feeding. The lifter is highly durable with long serving life.
2. The screening system is sealed from outside to prevent dust entering inside. The outmost layer is composed of colored steel plates under which there is an insulation layer made from rock wool. The system adopts the dual-axis inertial linear vibrating screen which consists of 4 to 6 screening layers.

bitumen asphalt

5.Bitumen Heating and Storage Tank
1. The oil heating manner ensures a rapid and even heating.
2. The bitumen tank and pipe are insulated with rock wool to prevent heat loss.

bitumen asphalt

6.Mixing Bin
1. The two horizontal rollers can achieve synchronization in drive in order to perform forced mixing. The whole process is highly stable and efficient.
2. Exquisitely designed mixing paddles allow fast, uniform mixing. They can be used for mixing at least 100,000 batches.

bitumen asphalt

7.Side-Mounted Type Finished Product Bin

1. The whole structure of the storage bin adopts the modular design. It is compact and reliable to use.
2. Inside the bin, there is unique structure which can avoid the segregation of finished products. Thick rock wool insulation under the outmost colored steel plate shell prevents heat loss.
3. The material transfer car is led by the winch for stable running, which also enables the car to feed the material to the accurate position.

bitumen asphalt

8.Bottom-Mounted Type Finished Product Bin

1. Bottom-mounted type finished product bin takes up little space and reduces the downtime.
2. This installation mode effectively prevents blue smoke or dust leakage.
3. Rock wool insulation ensures minimum heat loss for long-time storage.
4. Outmost colored steel plate shell adds elegance to the assembly.
Computer Control System
The computer control system features a friendly human-machine interface. It consists of the computer, display device, UPS, printer, and multi-port serial card. Its main functions include startup or stop control, real-time monitor of working status (display of the ingredients data and feed data as well as valve stroke display), file management (authority management), mixing recipe management, production management (production parameters, control parameters, ingredients parameters), production report (daily production report, integrated production report), production record management, production data storage, and report searching and printing

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