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The production of various rubber products, polyurethane products, silicone products, potato harvester accessories, potato harvester rubber accessories, corn thin leather machine accessories, conveyor belt, rubber sheet, coil, o-rings, bridge bearings, rubber damping block, rubber spring, polyurethane sieve plate, pu rods, bailey, silicone gasket, rubber mat, roller, rubber ball, rubber, polyurethane seals, corn thin skin machine roller, anti-collision, fenders, anti-collision board, anti-collision, rubber cover, rubber box, rubber plate, belt wheel, the triangle wheel, driving wheel, pinto, tape and other products.


The company has advanced level of domestic, imported equipment.We can make standard and non-standard hydraulic hose assemblies and hydraulic pipe fittings of various specifications according to customer requirements.With perfect quality testing equipment and sound quality assurance system, to test the raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, and detailed test was carried out on the assembly product, make the product quality has a reliable guarantee.


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Hengshui huante rubber plastic technology co., LTD is a professional manufacturer.Hydraulic hose and industrial hose exporters in China.Since its establishment, the company has strictly controlled and inspected raw materials to ensure product quality.At the same time, we are constantly improving our manufacturing and processing systems to meet customer requirements.

Our products including:  Hydraulic Hose (R1AT/1SN, R2AT/2SN, 1SC/2SC, R16/R17, 4SP/4SH/R12, R13, R3/R6, R4, R5 etc.)  Welding Hose (Oxygen Hose, Acetylene Hose, LPG Hose, Twin Line Hose)  Air/Water/Oil Hose (Smooth Cover and Wrapped Cover with 300PSI or 150PSI, Suction & Discharge Hose)  Industrial Hose (Sandblast Hose, Concrete Pump Hose, Slurry Hose, Fire Hose, Food Hose, PVC Hose etc.)

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