Mechanical Automatic fertilizer Injector chemical proportional dosing pump

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Mechanical Automatic fertilizer Injector chemical proportional dosing pump

Product Description

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Working Principle

The proportional pump takes the flowing pressure water as power, having small water pressure loss, without any other power facilities. It uses water power of the proportional pump as enginewhich drives the piston and the connecting rod inside the proportional pump, sucks up the liquid additive directly and makes it dissolve in the water flow. This device moves up and down in a cylinder. When pressing out the water, it uniformly sucks the additives loaded at the bottom of the container into the water flow through a tube. Repeat the up-and-down motion until the effect is achieved that the additive is added to the flowing water evenly and constantly.


Model No.: HJ-DN009
Gross Weight:2kg/pc
Packing Size:52*17*30cm
Proportional range: 0.2%-2% or 0.1%-1% or 1%-10%
Flow temperature: 4℃-30℃
Working water pressure: 0.2-6kg
Caliber of water inlet and water outlet: 32mm/25mm

Main Application Fields

1-Horticulture industry: the fertilization, storage and pest control for flowers, fruits and vegetables, etc. 2-Animal husbandry: the fixed-ratio health dosing for livestock and poultry, such as chickens, ducks, oxen and pigs. 3-Industrial field: water treatment,chemical engineering, metal processing, and fire control, etc. 4-Constant proportion dilution of special solvents such as smell removal solvent, cooling solvent and lubricating solvent; 5-Car-washing industry, printing industry, hospitals, wine industry and other industries.

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