Factory Low Price High Quality Copper Concentrate Slag For Remove Rust Paint Abrasives

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Copper concentrate slag is a slag produced in the process of copper smelting.

Low price Copper concentrate Slag is widely used in sand casting, forging, machinery, metallurgy, heat treatment, steel structures, grid structures, containers, ships, repairs, bridges, mines, and other areas of sand, rust, strengthening, forming, stress relief and The surfaces of the profiles are cleaned and coated, and pre-plated rough (raised) pretreatments.

Product Name
Low Price Copper Concentrate Slag
Black Sand or Grain
6.0~7.0 mohs
True Density
3. 50g/cm3
Bulk Density
1.75 g/cm3
Products Show

Copper concentrate slag has a high hardness, a shape of water chestnut, and a good spray effect. Compared with quartz sand, its rust removal effect is better than that of quartz sand.

1. The multi-angled shape is faster than quartz sand. After the quartz sand is sprayed out and touched with iron, it becomes powdery and spherical. After the copper ore collides with iron, it splits into 2-3 copper ores. No change, its sharp edge is very fast in rust removal and can be recycled 3 times. The quartz sand has greatly reduced the effect of rust removal due to its spherical shape.

2. Low Price Copper Concentrate Slag: Quartz sand causes environmental pollution due to the formation of dust after encountering iron. Workers are prone to occupational diseases. A layer of quartz powder is formed on the steel panel, which affects the construction and construction quality of the next track. The copper ore sandstone does not have the above conditions. This is also why the large-scale anti-corrosion companies and large shipyards have switched to copper ore for so many years.

1. The low price copper concentrate slag is suitable for the surface cleaning, rust removal, and strengthening of the old and new steel.
2. Copper concentrate slag as a wear-resistant floor aggregate, can be made into hard floor tiles, suitable for squares, freight yards, etc.

3. Copper concentrate slag is suitable for counterweight sand, such as cement plants.
4. After the copper slag is finely processed, it is suitable for denim spraying and various kinds of more precise spraying.

Our Company

Established in 2009, GONGYI TONTEN ABRASIVE CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer and exporter for followings:
-Abrasive Material (corundum/ fused alumina, garnet, copper slag, silicon carbide, dustless or soft sandblasting media, etc.)
-Refractory Material (refractory brick/ball, castable material,bubble alumina,cenosphere, silicon carbide, etc.)
-Foundry Material (ceramsite, silica sand, lost foam/ V-Process casting coating, cast molding repair Paste, etc.)
-Filter Material (silica sand, ceramsite, ceramic sand, walnut shell, garnet, PAC, etc.)
-Chemical Products (Synthetic Cryolite, PAC, Alumina Oxide, fused silica etc.)
-Wear resistant Products (Grinding balls, crusher wearing parts, etc.)

Factory Low Price High Quality Copper Concentrate Slag For Remove Rust Paint Abrasives/copper concentrate/copper slag

Packing & Delivery

Packing Details  : 25kg (55lb)/bag, 40 bags packed in a 1000kg (2200lb) bulk bag or pallet. 

                           1000kg (2200lb)/jumbo bag or as requirement                       

Delivery Details :  3-25 days after payment according to your order quantities

                        25kg packing
                        Jumbo packing
                          Pallet packing
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Overseas friends from India

Shymal and his workmate visited our black fused alumina workshop, they speak highly of our product quality.

Keyword: fused alumina, 

Regular Size: 24#, 30#, 36#, 60#, 80# , etc.

Application: abrasive belt, grinding wheel, sandblasting, paint or rust removal, refractory field.

Overseas friends from Turkey

Turkey friends from Ceramic Tile Company visit us for white fused alumina contract.

Keyword: white fused alumina

Regular Size: 16#, 40#, 100#, 120#, 180#, etc.

Application: abrasive belt, grinding wheel, polishing, etching, ceramic tiles, etc.

Overseas friends from South Africa

Africa friends came to our warehouse for silica sand inspection before shipment.

Keyword: silica sand for oil filteration

Regular Size: 0.5mm~325mesh

Application: construction, sandblasting, oil &gas, foundry, chemical, rubber, etc.

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