300m depth mobile phone APP mapping underground water detector for well

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300m depth mobile phone APP mapping underground water detector for well

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Introduction of Pictures of 300m depth mobile phone APP mapping underground water detector for well:


ADMT-300S 300m Mobile phone 100m Deep ground water detector is the world’s first Internet of Things instrument, which is developed together by our Guilin Technology Hydrogeological Investigation Institute. Based on over 40 years R&D design and exploration, the mobile phone water detector realize the technology that you can use the mobile phone or tablet PC to do complex data calculation, then the graphs will automatic form, store in the cloud, and you can communicate with experts advisors on line about your graphs.


Besides, if use our probes to measure, then you can wirelessly detect. It uses the mobile phone’s Bluetooth to connect. And in the “MN input”, you can use traditional MN cable lines or wireless sensor to measure.

If with wireless sensor, you don’t have to cabling and can just measure by walk and stop, free of USB disk, detection button. Automatcally mapping by mobile phone, communicating with experts advisors online, uploading the data into cloud and store cpermanently.


Characteristics of 300m depth mobile phone APP mapping underground water detector for well:



Main features of 300m depth mobile phone APP mapping underground water detector for well:


1. Automatically forming the graphs: Measuring by mobile phone and automatically forming the graphs after done.


2. Free of cabling: Measuring by walk and stop , and can use wireless sensor probes to solve cabling problems.


3. Online Instant Experts communication: You can directly communicate with our online experts for advise by mobile phone APP, uploading photos in the scene, instant data, effect graphs and etc to communicate online.


4. Free of USB disk: Data is directly stored in the mobile phone, or uploading to the cloud for permanently store or download to the computer.


5. Independent Choice of Display size: The display size and capability of mobile phone or tablet PC for operating is update to your own. What size of your mobile phones or tablet PC is, what experience of display you can get (5”, 6”, 8”, 10” etc as you have).


6. More reasonable Data Processing: Strengthen the function of “Field Source Modify” (Patent number 201310205318.9). This project also obtained over 20 patents for invention.


Similar models with different depth of mobile phone APP mapping underground water detector for well:

Parameter /Model ADMT-100SADMT-200SADMT-300S ADMT-400S ADMT-600S ADMT-800S ADMT-1200SADMT-2000S ADMT-3000S 
Measurement Range0-300mv
 Detect Depth0-100m 0-200m 0-300m 0-400m 0-600m 0-800m 0-1200m  0-2000m 0-3000m

 Measuring Mode

(Intelligent frequency select)

 20 frequencies 40 frequencies 60 frequencies 80 frequencies     
Resolution 2 mv 1mv 0.5mv 0.2mv 0.1mv 0.1mv 0.01mv  
Repetitive Error ±5%±2 bit  ±3%±2 bit  ±2%±2 bit  ±2%±2 bit  ±1%±1 bit ±1%±1 bit ±1%±0.5 bit  
A/D Switch 16 bit 1Msps  24 bit 1Msps      
Imput Impedance ≥10MΩ     ≥80MΩ  
Power Frequency Supperssion>80 dB        
Data StoragePhone storage space or cloud space 20G     
Display Mobile phone or tablet PC (touching LCD 5-10.1'')         
Connection Mode Bluetooth 4.0        
Mainframe Power SupplyDC7.4V 3400mAh lithium batteryDC7.4V 6800mAh lithium battery    
Mainframe power consumption   160mA230mA230mA360mA360mA 360mA450mA   
Operating Temperature  -10℃-+40 -20℃-+60  -40℃-+70     
Mainframe Size 18.6*14.8*8cm        
Mainframe Weight 0.8kg   0.9kg      


The wireless sensor probes can add for different depth:

Parameter  /ModelADMT-C1 high frequencyADMT-C1 low frequencyADMT-C2 ADMT-C3 ADMT-C4 ADMT-C5 ADMT-C6 
Detect Depth 0-300m 0-500m0-600m  0-800m0-1200m 0-2000m 0-3000m 
Frequency Range 30k-10HZ2K-5HZ 30K-5HZ 30K-1HZ 30K-0.1HZ 30K-0.01HZ 30K-0.001HZ 
Resolution 2mv 1mv 0.5mv 0.2mv 0.1mv   
Repetitive Error ±5%±2 bit±3%±2 bit ±2%±2 bit ±2%±1 bit ±1%±1 bit ±0.1%±1 bit  ±0.1%±1 bit
Operating Temperature  -10℃-+40 -20℃-+60- -40℃-+70   
Mainframe Size  20.8*9.8*9.8cm  41.6*9.8*9.8cm62.6*9.8*9.9cm 80.2*9.8*9.9cm 110*9.8*9.9cm 130.8*9.8*9.9cm 
Mainframe weight 2.6KG 2.8KG 5.4KG 8.2KG 10KG 12.8KG 15.6KG 


Successful cases for 100m depth mobile phone APP mapping underground water detector for well:


Mapping 2D/3D graphs automatically by our APP installed in your mobile phone:

2D graph effect:



3D graph effect: 




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Q:Is it difficult to operate?
A:The instrument is easy to operate, we can share how-to video with you and we will send you the detailed operation manual. via email. If you have some basis of computer operating, generally it only need 2hour to manage it.


Q:What’s your delivery port?
A:Shanghai, Guilin or other main port of China.


Q:What’s your packing?
A:Aluminum specialized box or carton.


Q:Can we place OEM orders?
A:Yes, OEM orders are acceptable, We can manufacture machines according to your requirements:such as design, logo, color, material or brand information.


Q:Does machines have warranty period?
A:Yes, our machine with one year warranty period for main parts, quick parts are excluded.


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