Высокоадсорбирующее молекулярное сито zeolite 4A адсорбент в качестве небольших осушающих пакетов для защиты фармацевтических препаратов и продуктов питания

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High adsorption zeolite molecular sieve 4A adsorbent as small desiccant packets to protect pharmaceuticals and food

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Technical Data Sheet

ColorLight gray
Nominal pore diameter4 angstroms
Diameter (mm)1.7-2.5 (8*12mesh)3.0-5.0 (4*8mesh)1.6 (1/16 inch)3.2 (1/8 inch)
Size ratio up to grade(%)≥98≥98≥96≥96
Bulk density (g/ml)≥0.70≥0.70≥0.68≥0.68
Wear ratio (%)≤0.20≤0.20≤0.40≤0.40
Crushing strength (N)≥35/piece≥85/piece≥30/piece≥70/piece
Static H2O adsorption(%)≥21.5≥21.5≥21.5≥21.5
Static methanol adsorption (%)≥15≥15≥15≥15
Water content (%)≤1.5
Typical Chemical FormulaNa2O . Al2O3 . 2SiO2 . 4.5 H2O (SiO2 : Al2O3 ≈2)
Typical Applicationa) Drying and removing of CO2 from natural gas, LPG, air, inert and atmospheric gases, etc.
b) Removal of hydrocarbons, ammonia and methanol from gas streams (ammonia syn gas treating)

c) Special types are used in the air brake system of buses, trucks and locomotives.
d) Packed in small bags, it may be used simply as a packaging desiccant.

e) For fire escape mask

g) For air filter


a) By National Standard GBT 10504-2008

b) Offer lifetime consultation on problems occurred


Guangdong Xintao Molecular Sieve type 4A is an alkali alumina silicate; it is the sodium form of the Type A crystal structure. 4A molecular sieve has an effective pore opening of about 4 angstroms (0.4nm). Guangdong Xintao type 4A molecular sieve will adsorb most molecules with a kinetic diameter of less than 4 angstroms and exclude those larger. Such adsorb-able molecules include simple gas molecules such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and straight chain hydrocarbons. Branched chain hydrocarbons and aromatics are excluded.






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