UV Curing Dryer Conveyor Systems LED UV screen printing drying machine

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Product Overview


  UV Curing Dryer Conveyor Systems LED UV screen printing drying machine


Product Specifications



Technical Data of the uv led light head

Wavelength(±5nm)    365nm /385nm/395nm/405nm
Curing area600x20mm / 500x20mm/ 600x250mm/ other sizes available
Electronic power1350w
Input voltage220VAC 50Hz / 60HZ
Cooling method
Air cooling
Life  >10000 H
Conveyor speed 100-400mm adjustable
Irradiation distance10-100mm adjustable
Optic power13000mw/cm2  (10mm irradiation distance)
Recommend irradiation distance10-100mm
Product feature:
1. Instant ON/ OFF, NO preating required.
2. Adjustable curing distance, UV output intensity and conveyor speed
3. Energy saving and environmental protection
4. infrared sensor to stop, protect your products
5. No infrared radiation, cold light source, suitable for all types of heat-sensitive material curing.

6. Conveyor belt with adjustable width.

Main Application:

PCB/PCBA Conformal Coating curing

TP UV glue curing

Medical instrument uv glue curing

Electronic products Curing

Many kinds of printings, such as Screen printing, label printing

Control system features:

1: Panel display, touch operation, real-time monitoring of the head of the working state

2: Intensity adjustable from 0-100%

3: Temperature monitoring 

4: Infrared sensor control, work mode selection

5: Whole machine size: L1800*W893*1217mm

Do not meet your requirements?
DON'T WORRY! Any wavelengths, sizes and power intensity 
can be customized, and more high-power UV LED can meet
your requirements.
Product Advantages


Replace the mercury lamp!


Product Advantages:
1.Extra-long life: 25000h~30000h 
2.Energy saving: save 80%  electrical energy than  Mercury lamp 
3.UV output adjustment: From 1% to 100%
4.Multiple control modes :  Constant current, pedal control, intelligent optical and manual modes
5: Photoelectric induction, instant on/off, no preheating required.
6: Low energy consumption, just 20% of the ordinary uv lamp
7: No mercury, No Ozone, eco-friendly
8: Cold light source, low temperature
9: Stable output, high uniformity.
10: Instant on/ off, no preheat required.


why choose HTLD
1:  Height LED have real factory, professional engineers with over 7 years experience and skilled workers
2:  We have over 12 years experience in LED UV curing industry
3:  We has established good reputation and high quality position and it supplies high quality UV LED lights.
4:  We have professional R&D team and one year free warranty
5:  7*24 hours Technical support
6:  Abundant Experience of Export


Company Information

Shenzhen Height-LED Opto-electronics Technology Co., Ltd located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Starting in 2007, Height-LED engaged in UV-LED curing UV ink, UV adhesive UV paint, UV varnish and other UV sensitive materials. Our team has more than 10 years combined experience in UV curing systems and can meet the requirements of each client.

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Q1: Why choose HTLD UV LED curing system?

A:The team has over 10 years combined experience in UV LED curing industry and can meet the requirements of each client.

Q2: What's the application of HTLD UV LED curing system ?

A:HTLD UV LED curing system can be used for curing UV glue, UV ink, UV adhesive, UV paint, UV varnish and other UV sensitive materials. 

Q3: What is the major advantages of UV LED curing system’s than other UV curing system?

A:Extra-long life, energy saving and environment friendly.

Q4: Which wavelength do I need?

A:It depends on your  UV sensitive materials.

Q5: What's the emitting window do I need?

A:It depends on your product’s size that need to be cure.

Q6: What's the Peak Irradiance do I need?

A:It depends on your UV sensitive materials and your Production efficiency.

Q7: The common  emitting window and  Peak Irradiance can not meet my requirements?

A:Do not worry! Any sizes of emitting window and Peak Irradiance can be customized .

Q8: Where is your company located?

A: 2/F, Towel B, Sanhe international science and technology Building, Da Lang Road,Long Hua District, ShenZhen, Guang Dong Province, China.

Q9: I do not know how to choose a set of uv led curing system.

A: Please click here.

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