Shanghai CIXI ultrasonic sensor 30m

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Product Overview




NPN NC NO Type Stainless Steel material Proximity Sensor Switch



Multiple classifications

Proximity Sensor including inductive sensor ;capacitive sensor ;simulative Sensor  and etc.


Grouped equipment

Connected with PLC;SCM circuit;electronic counter;solid-state relays and other products.


Electrical Output and wires

DC three wires system;DC four-wires system;DC fours-wires system(X type);AC two wires system;Three wires system;AC/DC five wires system.



Thick carton detection;Alarm device ofthe crane;Tag detection of the beer bottle;Mark detection;Machining centre position;etc.


Proximity Sensor is also called Proximity Sensor,There are manu types of proximity sensor,including the inductive sensor,capacitive sensor and etc,It can be connected with PCL programmable,SCM circuit,electronic counter,solid-state relays and other products.

Inductive proximity sensor is composed of high-frequency oscillations,detection,amplification,trigger and output circuits.

Capacitive proximity sensors are composed by high frequency concussion and amplification.The sensors detection sruface and the earth form a capacitor;

Simulative sensor output a signal which changes linearly with the changes of the distance of the detected object.and the thus can monitor the state of the automatic machine;

Magnetic sensors are composed of reed tube and amplificaton,The external magnetic field comes near,the reed tube is magnified and make an action,which is amplified by the amplifier,Then a switch capacity signal is send out to operate the external circuit.


B.[Technical term]


  1.Action distance

Operation distance is the most important parameters of the proximity sensor which is decided by the diameter of the sensing face,material and size of the detected object and ambient temperature;

  2.Related sensing distance

Its a standard value without regard to the influence of external enviroment;

  3.Standard detection sheet

The standard detection sheet is square with thickness of 1mm,the length of the square side is equal 3*sn and the sheet material is ST37 iron,the difference of the dimension of the detected object or the difference of sheet material will make the sensing rnage different.

  4.Effective action distance

The action distance detected at the related operating voltage and room temperature 

  5.Praticable action distance

When the input voltage is in the range of 85%~110% of the related voltage and the sensor work at the allowable the ambient temperature-25~70℃.

proximity sensor.png

  6.Reliable action distance

When  the measure abject is in the action distance,the action of the switch is reliable :0<Sa<0.81Sn

  7.Repeatability Precision

Its the cover value of the effective action distance that measured in 8hours when the ambient temperature is 23℃,Relative humidity is randon and the service voltage is Ue+/-5v:Rs<0.1Sn

  8.Ensure the switch breaking distance

When the distance between the detection sheet and the switch inductive surface is large than the related action distance,ensure the switch is disconnected 


C.[Model name Explanation]

proximity sensor-1.png




 Basic-Parameters----Proximity Sensor
  ----INDUCTIVE SENSORS ; Distance-enhance sensors;High temperature Resiatance sensor;
 Measure range 0.6~0.8mm;1~2mm;1mm;2mm;4mm;5mm;8mm;10mm;15mm;20~25mm
 Size smooth Φ6.5;M8;M12;M30;M24;M18
 Protection grade IP67
 Material Chrome plated brass
 Temperature -25~70℃
 Installation Flush;Non flush;screw thread
 Power 10-30VDC;90-250VAC;20...250VAC
 Connection cable;connector
 Work form DC 2 wires;DC 3wires;DC 4wires;AC 2wires

proximity sensor-2.png

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