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Cross-border supply of face care snail repair essential oil deep moisturizing moisturizing nourishing OEM

product name
  • Snail repair essential oil

ingredientThe snail
product efficacyCan smooth soft skin, repair acne scars and other skin defects
product weight3ml


Snail cream a natural skin care product, because the main ingredient in the snail cream snails in mucus is rich in natural collagen, elastin, urine membrane element, protein, vitamins, glycolic acid, natural antibacterial agent, etc., and has strong regeneration and repair effect, can promote the restoration of skin soft, smooth, delicate.






After cleaning the face, apply appropriate amount to the palm of your hand with a dropper, apply evenly to the face with your fingers, and gently pat until absorbed


It can be used every morning and evening. Dry and sensitive skin should be massaged from forehead to cheek, nose and chin until absorbed.After four weeks, the skin is moist, glossy and soft.


2. Dark yellow and freckled skin: twice a day, use with Meiji water and milk. After four weeks, the skin is delicate, white and glossy.


3. Usage of loose and wrinkled skin: twice a day, it has a better effect on the use of moisturized and elastic liquid milk combined with crystallinity and elasticity. After four weeks, it can restore skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles.


4. Scar or burn skin usage: apply twice a day to the affected area, which may cause a slight burn lasting several seconds, mainly because snail essence is repairing the skin.


Baby efficacy: smooth and soft skin, repair acne scars and other skin defects, reduce pores and improve the overall brightness of the skin.Rich in anti-wrinkle components of collagen, tightness.


Contains precious jade nourishing water, oligopolymer hyaluronic acid and other high-times nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, which can form a fresh moisturizing film on the skin surface, moisturize dry skin and make it fresh and moist.

While moisturizing the skin, it can effectively fight off the wrinkles in the neck and delay the aging of the neck skin.


Suitable for skin: any skin type


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