mosquito net nepal large size whopes llins treated Deltamethrin 55mg/sqm moustiquaire beds

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mosquito net nepal large size whopes llins treated Deltamethrin 55mg/sqm moustiquaire beds  

Product Description

 Whopes treated mosquito net LLINS 

material: 100% new polyester material,PE material  Polyethylene

fabricationwarp knitted
denier: 50D, 75D, 100D 125D(thread strength)
mesh: 156, 196 or jersey mesh

weight: 50 Denier 20g/m2; 75 Denier 30g/m2; 100 Denier 40g/m2 44g/m2 ISO Standard 3801
colorswhite, blue, pink and green. Custom colors available upon requested
heat settingfabric is heat-setting to prevent shrinkage after washing
fire safetymeets USA fire safety regulations (16 C. F. R. § 1610)
Rectangular Size tie dye mosquito net,double bed mosquito net
: (cm) single size bed
Width × Length × Height
Single: 100 * 180 * 150
Double: 130 * 180 * 150
Family: 160 * 180 * 150
L-Family: 190 * 180 * 150
Circular or round or ConialSize: (cm)
Bottom girth × Height × Top diameter
Single: 850 * 220 * 56
Double: 1050 * 220 * 56
Family: 1150 * 235 * 65
L-Family: 1250 * 250 * 65

 Foldable Mosquito Netting: (cm),pop up tent

Length ×  Width ×  Height

200 * 180 * 150

200 * 150 * 150

mosquito net size.pngpaste-pic-dp_uuid_hp57i

Malaria nets , WHOPE net , LLIN mosquito net permanent /deltamethrin 85mg/m2 mosquito nets, long lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets reached WHO standard

medication mosquito net or yoga mosquito net tent.

Every 60 seconds a child dies from malaria - a disease spread by mosquito bites. Malaria is caused by Plasmodium, which is transmitted via the bites of infected mosquito. In the human body the parasites multiply in the liver infect red blood cells. You may need Mosquito Nets for Bunk Beds 190x180x150cm.whopes nets jersey mosquito net  permethrine canopy beds,zanzariera king size bed mosquito net
Malaria is only transmitted by infected female mosquito of the genus Anopheles. Most female Anopheles mosquito only bite at night. Purchasing Mosquito Nets for Bunk Beds, save a life.

Mosquito nets, prevention of dengue fever, meningitis, malaria and other diseases treated mosquitos net mosquito net uganda,New Hot Portable Folding Queen Bed Tent Mosquito Net,

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 75D 156HOLES ,50D 225HOLES 25GSM AND 30GSM AND 40GSM 100denier,Insecticide Treated Anti Malaria Durable Lightweight | Deltamethrin EC 55mg/sqm Mosquito Net,double bed kids bed mosquito net,moskitonetz,moskito net for bed,royal blue mosquito net ,decoreted china mosquito net,moskito net,meditation mosquito net,mosquiteros para cama queen matrimonial,bulk mosquito netting,mosquito hanging mosquito net,llins mosquito net,mosquito net baby
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if sample requires.pls contact us free.sample is free with shipping

Email: rayee2008(at)
skype: rayee2058


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 Products shown

mosquito net nepal large size whopes llins treated Deltamethrin 55mg/sqm moustiquaire beds

Rectangular white color ,blue color , green color pink color
special bag design for kenya market sale and nigeria ,Africa market,Mali market 160x150x180cm 100D rectangular mosquito net Gabon, Guinea 65cmx250cmx1250cm round ,conial mosquito net
customised prints on nets and packaging for client charity program pvc bag with print logo ,LLIN MOSQU ITO NETS L 190x W180 X H 150 MOSQUITO NET CONTAIN ALPHA CYPERMETHRIN INCORPORATED INTO HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE(HDPE) 230X90X150cm canopy oval mosquito nets,africa mosquito nets with printing pictures
long lasting insecticide treated nets yiwu, insecticide treated mosquito net queen size, sprayed mosquito net, kelambu canopy,net with print logo, deltamethrin impregnated long lasting insecticide treated mosquito bed net,mosquito box net
treated mosquito net used for Ecuador ,for the earthquake victims, zanzariere da letto colorate, cama king size mosquiteros,mosquitero king size 88.000 impregnated mosquito nets wanted single bed only (1.20m x 1.90m) be distributed among earthquake survivors,cama king size mosquiteros,mosquitero king size
mash net 25 g/m2,mousquito net, mosquito netting anti fire,polyester mosquito netting anti fire
whopes approval llin anti malaria mosquito nets,mosquito net for double bed images,pyramid mosquito net,zika mosquito net,mosquito net extra large
moskito net, 200cmX200cmX180cm 50D and 25g/m2 225 holes/inch2 new round bed designs,cheap round beds,round canopy beds,whopes llin mosquito netting, mosquito bed net 2 opening,anti zika,bed mosquito net eco-friendly,bed net canopy,best selling double size king size bed mosquito net  moskito net, H80" x L80" x W71" ,high margin products mosquito bed net multifilament polyester 225/inches2 with carry pouch and hanging kit.rope, outdoor camping mosquito net,polyester mosquito net rectangularmosqitos net in doorspeed,mosquitera para cama matrimonio,circular mosquiteiro mosquito llin tratado permanente, Travel,Home,Camping,Outdoor,,School Use and LLIN,Insecticide Treated,Folded Feature mosquito net

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mosquito dome bed canopy,Wholesale mosquito nets, bulk mosquito netting, mosquiteiro, mosquito net untreated, designer bed mosquito nets,Mosquito Net incl. Hanging Kit Ring Hook Plug Short Rope/String (0,5 m) Perimeter: 12.5 m x 2.5 m Round with foldable popup ring 225 holes/inch Nylon Travel Bag with 1 colour Logo Print

carry pouch mosquito net

mosquitero cama con dosel images,camas matrimoniales,zanzariera,baby toddler bed crib canopy netting

1-rectangular mosquito net with one door

Triangle mosquito net white color or olive green color treated  with  luxury box

 4’ x 6' x 5’ = 122x183x152cm

Triangle mosquito net Triangle pyramid mosquito net white for single bed WHOPE,buy mosquito nets,mosquito net canvas,meditation mosquito net,mosquito net olive color


  mosquito net,green ,olive green color  WHO approved long lasting insecticide incorporated mosquito net,Quadrate Shape and Travel,Home,Camping,Outdoor, Use insecticide treated bed nets,Rectangular double-sized net. Fits 5ftX6ft bed. 210cm (H)x 190cm(L) x 160cm(W) Polyester Netting ,High density polyethylene (HDPE) mosquito nets Single size 230cm x 90cm x 150cm treated with Alpha - cypermethrin, olive green mosquito net,  

outdoor curtains mosquito net
mosquito screen nets

rayee mosquiteros material,garden mosquito control,mosquito net stand,hanging mosquito net,mosquite net olive green, mosquite net,mosquite net 100% polyester fabric and travel,camping.outdoor use circular mosquito net

military mosquito net 9

Net circular conical shape and king size adults age group,king size llin mosquito net polyester long taper-net impreg

Circular ,Round Conical Mosquito Nets with door or without door ,white and blue color , mosquito net air conditioner, mosquito net with box,Travel Mosquito Net with Hook and Ring, 100% polyester mesh, 18-40gm/sq,100% Polyester, 156 holes/sq Material and Circular Shape mosquito net, Twin Full Queen King size circular mosquito net
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round net with hanging kit,nylon bag

client from Africa,Nigeria,Germany,France,Gabon, Guinea, West Africa
permetrina repelente de mosquitos, mosquiteros full size,whole family,adults Age Group and all Size LLINs,hospital bed netting,WHOPES standard 100% Polyethylene and polyester mosquito nets in rectangular shape 150denier 180x160x150cm, Full Size and decration and prevent insect Feature mosquito net,mosquito net for  humanitarian aid,

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 Foldable mosquito net,pop up tent ,canpoy bed mosquito net , Full Size and Adults Age Group polyester foldable zipper mosquito net,net bed for babies, One touch mosquito net,impregnated mosquito nets, wholesale gazebo parasol mosquito net,korea mosquito net, baby hanging mosquito net,box bed net,whopes approval mosquito net, self supported mosquito net, wasserdicht moskitonetz , waterproof mosquito net ,pop up mosquito net, nano mosquito net,mosquito net baby ,baby mosquito net cot, mosquito net tent,mosquito net canopy,mosquito net 200 x 200 x 200,travel mosquito net,outdoor use camping pop up mosquito net, 600d pvc fabric polyester anti mosquito mesh,mosquito travel bed tent,baby sling,mosquiteros para cama matrimonial

Portable Folding Pop Up Mosquito Net Travel Camping Tent (S=120cm*195cm*136cm=47.2"x76.7"x53.5", blue)

Travel,Home,Camping,Outdoor, Use and Full Size dome folding tent ,MOSQUITO NET DOME,mogola mosquito net,camping tent mosquito net,meditation mosquito net,electric mosquito net tent.foldable greenhouse under the weather tent,free-standing pop-up mosquito-netfold.jpg

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square rectangular Baby cot mosquito net,baby candle mosquito net.flower mosquito net . mosquitero para cuna fotos, baby mosquito net

  baby mosquito net  mosquitero para cuna   canopy bed toddler With rubber and zipper, mosquitero para cunas,baby cradle netting

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mosquito net baby portable


folding mosquito nets,nairobi kenya gift items,mosquito nets manufacturer,mosquito screen net baby crib,productos para bebes,baby cot insect net 150x75x75cm,
proteccion de cuna dorsel para cama cunas,THERMOBABY Moustiquaire Lit 60 X 120 et 70 X 140 Transparent, baby bed mosquito net , baby crib mosquito net,Infant Baby Bed Portable Mosquito Net Folding Baby Crib Netting Summer Autumn Portable Baby Cots Newborn Foldable Crib Net(Pink)bug netting for strollers and infant carriers
Baby stroller mosquito net , baby mosquito net tents, baby car mosquito nets
mosquiteiro beliche, flowers hooks mosquito net , cochecito bebe anti mosquito, fiberglass mosquito net,custom made mosquito net,black quadrate mosquito net
3M x 3M Gazebo, Patio Umbrella table screen 7.5ft ,8ft, 9ft or 10ft,11ft



Princess and  Decoration type,with stainless pole, mosquiteiro p cama rei cama de dossel mosquiteiros,mosquito netting for awnings,free-standing pop-up mosquito-net, 4-corner mosquito net, dossel mosquito net princess,princess mosquito net canopy, Mosquito nets four corners, metallic mosquito nets,mosquito nets with stands, mosquito net foldable,freestanding mosquito net.mosquito double bed net cotton fabrics casement fabric mosquito net stand, stand for mosquito net stand,Plastic Box The four-poster bed with canopy,Mosquito net hanging

four corner post bed black canopy mosquito net full


 Lightweight | Insect Repellent | green mosquito head net,head mosquito and green color.


Packaging & Shipping

Packing :OPP BAG and then woven bag package  Print bag ,PVC BAG with logo printed  AS custom logo design.private label mosquito net,washing label or logo printed on the mosquito net fabric .
Nylon bag package,carry pouch with hanging kit.with travel bag, high margin products mosquito bed net multifilament polyester bag 200cm

Work Room Shown
Mosquito net fabric treated ,75D 50D,100D,square and hexgonal holes .large roll mosquito net, myanmar mosquito net fabric


 Q: How about your produce capacity?


A: For the rectangular net,we can produce no less than 20,000pcs/day. For the conical net,we can produce no less than 8,000pcs/day. We can produce more than 5 tons of fabric every day.

 Q: All of the mosquito nets have been insecticide treated?


A: Yes. It has been insecticide treated by Deltamethrin or Permethrin. And it can be washed no less than 20 times,and last 3-5year

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Ms Rayee



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