Factory custom motorcycle spare parts CBF150 Crankshaft SDH 150 Crank (60779188265)

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Product Overview


Factory custom motorcycle spare parts CBF150 Crankshaft  SDH 150 Crank 

Products overviews

    Shuaibang machinery 

  • More than 200 models of Motorcycle crankshaft;

  • More than 1000 models of Agricultural machinery crankshaft.

BAJAJ seriesBM100, PULSAR 135LS,  PULSAR 180UG, BOXER100, BX100(one bearing), RE205 N/M
BOXER BM150, PULSAR-200NS, Discover 100, Discover 125, Discover 135, BAJAJ175
PULSAR 150, 125XCD, 135XCD, PULSAR 220, Avenger200, Avenger220
Honda seriesLEAD100, Wave100 GN5, CB125, KFL, CBF150, TITAN150, , ATV250, C100 Dream
CD70, Hero CD100, CD110, CG125, CG150, CG125-J,  V100, C90, CBX-XR200, KGA, 
Wave110, Honda EX5 dream, Wave125  ANF125,  CARGO 125, GY6 150, GY6 125,  
Suzuki AX4/GD110, AX100, GN125, EN125, GT125, SUZUKI 175
Yamaha JY110, LC135, MIO, CYPTON105, F13, 5TN, 4S9, YBR125, F39, CY80, FZ16, LC150
Zongshen C120, L125 14T, CG175, CG180, CG200, CG200 water-cooled,CG250 water-cooled,
CB200, CB250, C110, HW250, HW300,  CG200-G-2, CBB200, CBB250
Lifan G125, GS125, QMK157, LF175, LF200, LF200 water-cooled, LF250, HJ158, LF3000
Loncin LC135, LC175, LC200, LC210 Air-cooled, LC210 water-cooled, AP170, FT180
Jialing JH70, JH90, JH100, 016, 037, CG133
QianjiangALOBA, Haojue 125, TX200, QJ150FMG-6, QJ162, GZ5
Gasoline Engine Crankshaft gx120, gx160; gx200; gx210; gx270; gx390, gx420, EY20 etc.
168F(10 types), 170F, 173F, 182F, 192F......more than 100 mod  els.
Diesel Engine Crankshaft168F, 170FA, 170FB, 186FA, 186FB, 188F...etc
Generator Crankshaft168FA, 168FB, 170FA/FB, 173F, 182F, 190F, 192F,.....more than 100 models.
1KW, 2KW, 3KW, 4KW, 5KW, 6KW, 7KW, SH2900DX....more
Tiller Crankshaft168FA/FB, 170FA/FB, 173F, 182F, 190F, 192F,.....more than 100 models.
Water Pump CrankshaftWP10, WP15, WP20, WP30, WP40, WP60, BS25U, BS25H, BS35H....etc.
168FA/FB, 170FA/FB, 173F, 182F, 190F, ,.....more than 100 models.
Power Crankshaftabove: Snowblower Crankshaft, Brush Cutter Crankshaft, Lawn Tractor Crankshaft.
Lawn mower engine Crankshaft, Cultivator Crankshaft
Motorcycle CranksahftBAJAJ series, Honda series, Suzuki series, TVS series, Yamaha series, Zongshen series,
Loncin series, Silver Cheung, Piaggio, Jialing, QianJiang, Lifan, Gwang yang series.


Product Description

Factory custom motorcycle spare parts CBF150 Crankshaft  SDH 150 Crank 




Packaging & Shipping

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Customized Solution

 Customized Crankshaft Solutions


More than 1300 models of Cranksahft in our factory; 

 If you wanna OEM Customized crankshaft you need; 


1. Send us sample from you;


2. Or send us drawing;


3. Or provide picture;


4. At least tell us name of products??!



you say what?

you said you have no anything; and think that most crankshafts looks the same;

Okay; please don't worry;

1. we will send you catalogue to help you;

2. we will provide technical guidance;

3. you can add department of technology's wechat : +86 178 3044 6342


You can follow our Instagram to know Crankshaft machining process


Instagram account: max18883933270

Company Information


ShuaiBang Crankshaft is one of the leading crankshaft manufacturers in China and having more then twenty three years of experience in manufacturing various crankshaft. The Company has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to design, develop and supply crankshafts manufactured from forging.

ShuaiBang Crankshaft has develop various cranksahft; like Motorcycle, Scooter, Generators, Diesel engines, Gasoline engines, Water pump, Micro Tiller and industrial crankshaft.

With 20,000 square meters’ base, including 3,000 square meters’office base, and 10,000 square meters’production base, Chongqing ShuaiBang Machinery Co. Ltd has more than 200 staff, and 30 senior technicians. Every year, over two million sets of engine crankshaft with 400 modules are produced in Shuaibang. All these products have been certified by ISO9001:2008. Shuaibang owns market share in Europe, South America and Southeast Asia. Motivated by the value Create Value to Customers via Multiple Products.ShuaiBang is committed to consistent service on best quality, long-term partnership and a win-win future with domestic and foreign clients.
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Factory custom motorcycle spare parts CBF150 Crankshaft  SDH 150 Crank 

Since 1995, ShuaiBang Crankshaft has designed and manufactured the highest quality Motorcycles Crankshaft/Scooter Crankshaft/

Bike CrankshaftGenerator CrankshaftDiesel engine Crankshaft, Gasoline engine Crankshaft, Water pump CrankshaftMicro Tiller

Crankshaft and industrial crankshaft; The crankshaft for BAJAJ, HONDA, SUZUKI, TVS, YAMAHA, ZongShen, LOCIN, Silver Cheung, Piaggio, Jialing, QianJiang, Lifan, Guangyang Series of Motorcycle are manufactured in our 180,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Chongqing, China.  

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